Dr Laura Tradii

Dr Laura Tradii

Research Officer

Department of Sociology

Key Expertise
War History, Death Rituals, Mass Death, Exhumations

About me

Laura Tradii is a social anthropologist and historian working at the intersection between the two disciplines. She specialises in the history and anthropology of war and conflict, with a particular focus on the practices, debates, and ethics pertaining to the management and disposal of fallen soldiers in WWI and WWII. Her PhD project at the University of Cambridge, sponsored by a Vice Chancellor’s Award, explored the long intersecting afterlives of WWII and GDR in contemporary East Germany. It entailed 15 months of ethnographic fieldwork and archival research. Laura holds a MSc in the History of Science, Medicine and Technology from the University of Oxford. Her research interests include war history, death rituals, mass death, exhumations, as well as the cultural history of technology.