Dr Jeremy Brice

Dr Jeremy Brice

Visiting Fellow

Department of Sociology

020 7955 6793
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STC S208
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Key Expertise
Food, Digital Economies, Risk Governance, Technology, Resilience

About me

Jeremy joined the Department of Sociology in 2018 as an LSE Fellow, after holding postdoctoral research positions at Newcastle University and in LSE’s Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation (CARR). Jeremy has a DPhil in Geography from the University of Oxford, and his research interests lie at the intersection between economic sociology, the sociology of risk and science and technology studies.

Jeremy’s empirical work focuses on the business, culture and governance of food. His doctoral work explored the relationship between provenance, quality and value within wine markets, while his more recent postdoctoral research focuses on the anticipation of crisis and the governance of risk within international food supply networks. In his most recent project, which he carried out in partnership with the Food Standards Agency, he has been exploring the role of digital marketplace platforms in reconfiguring urban economies and cultures of food consumption in the UK.

Journal articles

Brice, J. 2014. Attending to grape vines: perceptual practices, planty agencies and multiple temporalities in Australian viticulture. Social & Cultural Geography 15(8), 942-965.

Brice, J. 2014. Killing in More-than-human Spaces: Pasteurisation, Fungi, and the Metabolic Lives of Wine. Environmental Humanities 4, 171-194.


Brice, J. 2018. Food in the Platform Economy: Understanding and governing emerging marketplaces. London: Food Standards Agency.

Brice, J. 2018. Intelligence, Risk and Intervention: Knowing Food Businesses and Assessing Risk within English Local Authorities. London: Food Standards Agency.