Dr Antonia Dawes

Dr Antonia Dawes

BJS LSE Fellow

Department of Sociology

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STC S218

About me

Antonia Dawes joined the Sociology Department in September 2017. She has a PhD in Sociology from LSE and an MSc in Race, Ethnicity and Post-Colonial Studies from Sociology at LSE. Antonia’s research interests address race and racialization, multilingualism, migration and militarization.

Her doctoral work was an ethnography of street markets in Naples, southern Italy. The thesis explored the multilingual articulation of meanings about difference, positionality and belonging taking place in everyday transcultural interactions.

She has recently finished working on an ESRC- and MOD-funded research project at the University of Bristol about UK military reservists and their negotiation of military and civilian identities and commitments. This project ‘Keeping Enough in Reserve’ is part of the Future Reserves Research Programme being run nationwide.

Selected Publications

Peer Reviewed Publications

Dawes, Antonia (2016) ‘Talking English to Talk About Difference: Everyday Transcultural Meaning-Making in Naples, Italy’, Ethnic and Racial Studies, 40:1, 114-132.

Edmunds, Timothy, Dawes, Antonia, Higate, Paul, Jenkings, Neil and Woodward, Rachel (2016) ‘Reserve Forces and the Transformation of British Military Organisation: Soldiers, Citizens and Society’, in Defence Studies, 16:2,118-136.

Book Chapters

Jenkings, K.N., Dawes, A., Edmunds, T., Higate, P and Woodward, R. ‘Reserve forces as the ‘privatization’ of the military by the nation state.’  In Swed, O. and Crosbie, T.  (Eds.)  The Sociology of Privatized Security.  New York: Palgrave Macmillan.  Chapter submitted, publication scheduled early 2018.