Gendered Relations in Elite Occupations

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Dr Thierry Rossier

Dr Thierry Rossier

Dr Thierry Rossier will present his recent research as part of our Research Seminar Series.

This research is conducted in the frame of a grant funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation for an 18-month period at the LSE to investigate gendered diversity among elites. It focuses on gendered relations in elite occupations and looks at the differences of endowments with capitals, resources and assets between men and women in top manager positions in a comparative perspective in Europe. It aims at describing how diverse national gender regimes impact the gendered structure of these top occupations. To do so, the research relies upon respondents to the European Union Labour Force Surveys (EU LFS), stemming from 31 European countries (i.e. 100,000+ respondents in top manager positions). Thanks to multiple correspondence analysis, it uncovers the structure of these top occupations by focusing on indicators on educational capital, income, organisational resources, working conditions, work arrangements and household composition of the respondents, and compares resource ownership between men and women in those positions, as well as between different national gender regimes. 

Thierry Rossier is a postdoctoral researcher in sociology and Visiting Fellow in the Department of Sociology at LSE. He is particularly interested in inequalities, elites and quantitative descriptive methods (multiple correspondence analysis, social network analysis, sequence analysis). 

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