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Alyce Raybould is a PhD student at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and the BSPS postgraduate student representative. She attends BSPS council meetings to represent the views of BSPS student members.

She encourages all postgraduates studying population related topics to join the BSPS so that you can:

Present your work at the annual BSPS conference, with the support of student member's bursaries from the organisation.

Get involved with our ‘PhD only’ conference, PopFest. The annual conference is a friendly environment to present and receive feedback from your peers.

Engage socially and professionally with a community of young researchers, and find out more about funding and career opportunities.

If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas, please contact Alyce at or follow her on twitter @AlyceRaybould.

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To find out more or complete a membership application, please use the drop down menus below.


How to join


Joining the BSPS could not be easier. Simply download and complete the membership form and return it to the BSPS Secretariat.


“Being an academic in Demography: a masterclass for PhD students on data challenges and peer review” 

When: Wednesday 26th February 2020, between 10.30am – 3pm (Coffee from 10am, Lunch between 1-2pm).

Where: LSE PhD Academy, LRB 4.02, Lionel Robbins Building (4th Floor), 10 Portugal Street, London WC2A 2HD.

Below is a list of scheduled speakers at this event:

  • Ernestina Coast (LSE) - The household: conceptual and methodological reflections
  • Vicky Hosegood (Southampton) – Operationalising household definitions
  • Berkay Ozcan (LSE) - Family Form as Cultural Assimilation: Variations of Extended      Household by Ethnicity and Immigration Generational Status
  • Peter Smith (Southampton) - The challenges when analysing longitudinal data
  • Rebecca Sear (LSHTM) and Wendy Sigle (LSE) – Good practice in peer review

The masterclass is available for a maximum of 30 students, and the spaces will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

If you would like to reserve a space, please sign up here:, using the password: Demography2020 

For SCDTP-funded students, we expect that funding for travel expenses and/or accommodation will come from their home DTP (eg RTSG).
For non-SCDTP-funded students, if you wish to apply for a travel bursary for your travel expenses, please send an email to Anne at the BSPS Secretariat: with a provisional budget.

Popfest 2020

Due to Covid-19, the 2020 Popfest has, regretfully, been cancelled. It is hoped next year's meeting will go ahead in Florence. 

—the population studies conference for and by graduate students—will be held in Florence, Italy, on 22-24 June, just before the European Population Conference in Padova. It is organized by graduate students at the European University Institute and the University of Florence, under the Florence Population Studies (FloPS) collaboration between the universities.

The conference will include keynote speeches (with a keynote from Massimo Livi Bacci already confirmed) and paper and poster sessions.

PopFest2020 will welcome submissions of theoretical as well as empirical papers on topics including, but not limited to: families, fertility, sexual and reproductive health, internal and international migration, mobility, ageing, life course, inequality, health, historical demography, mortality, and methodology.

Both paper and poster submissions will be welcome.

The submission portal will open in early January 2020 and the deadline for submissions will be 1 March 2020.

The conference website will provide up-to-date information on the conference

POPFEST is a population studies conference organised by postgraduates for postgraduates with the aim of providing a relaxed, supportive environment for students to come together to present work and discuss ideas. This is a great opportunity to meet other students studying in the same area, practice your presentation skills and get some useful feedback from your peers.

The conference provides a forum for postgraduate students studying any aspect of population in disciplines including Social Sciences, Demography, Human Geography, Social Anthropology, Social Statistics, Health, Development, Social Policy and other related fields. Presenters have an excellent opportunity to discuss their work in front of their peers and have a chance to get feedback and ideas from fellow researchers. Those not wishing to present can get an idea of the sort of research being conducted by their peers and make valuable contacts for the future.

POPFEST is an ideal spring-board for all postgraduates regardless of their stage of research providing an opportunity to practice ones presentation skills, whether as a paper or poster display, before facing more demanding academic conferences.

PopFest has survived over the past 26 years due to the support and good will of the postgraduate community and BSPS & other population-related groups. For PopFest to continue this support and enthusiasm is essential. The BSPS is very keen to ensure the development of postgraduate population research through PopFest and has confirmed its continuing support to the conference.

BSPS Masters Dissertation Prize 2020

Entries are invited for the 2020 BSPS Prize for the entry judged to be the best MSc. Dissertation on a demographic topic during the year 2019 (which would normally be at or around distinction level). Applications should comprise three copies of the dissertation, which do not need to be bound – hard copies are required please. Please note that all entries should be submitted by the institution awarding the degree, or by the supervising academic, and not by the authors themselves. A maximum of two entries per institution will be accepted. A word limit of 12,000 words per entry is encouraged, on the basis that it is very difficult to judge and compare entries of vastly differing lengths. However, longer dissertations may also be entered, with a section not exceeding the given word limit being nominated for judging. A cash prize of £300 is offered, which will be increased to £400 if there is a tie for first place and the Prize is split between two winners. The winner(s) will be announced at the BSPS Conference in September.

For the purposes of this prize, demography is defined

  • the scientific study of human populations, especially with reference to their size, structure and distribution
  • the scientific study of the determining processes, such as fertility, mortality and migration, and the relationship of these with the social, economic and cultural context within which they exist.

Entries should be received by 30 April 2020 at the BSPS Secretariat, POR.2.01, London School of Economics, Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE, or      

The annual BSPS conference

The BSPS conference is held in September. Each year the venue changes, moving around the country.

Why go

The conference is an opportunity to present work in front of a knowledgeable but friendly audience or just come along and soak up the atmosphere.

You can present either an oral presentation (with results) or a poster presentation.

Bursaries are available for postgraduate student members who present at the conference. Contact the BSPS Secretariat for more details.

It's a great place to meet people - not just other postgraduates, but you can build up contacts with academics throughout the country.

The BSPS also holds several subject specific day meetings during the year. If they are in your subject area they are worth a visit.

Read more about the BSPS annual conference.

Funding sources

Find out more in our funding for demographers page.