Annual Conference

The British Society for Population Studies holds an annual conference in a different venue each September. Programmes, abstracts, and reports of previous conferences can be accessed from the archive link at the bottom of the page. 

Information about the 2021 BSPS Conference will appear here in due course 

The BSPS 2020 Conference was a virtual Conference, which took place on Tuesday & Wednesday 15 & 16 September. The priorities were:

  • Dissemination of research findings, most particularly for early-career researchers
  • Feedback on these findings
  • Opportunities to talk & make connections with other researchers

The programme can be downloaded here & abstracts are posted below:

BSPS 2020 programme

Tthere wiere 2 sets of simultaneous sessions each morning, each lasting one hour, with the same in the afternoon. These were a mix of 3-4 paper sessions, with discussion & questions, or flash sessions with shorter presentations (results only, no methods) plus discussion & questions. There wew also two early-career workshops on reviewing for academic journals & postgraduare careers out side academia, plus an early-career plenary & a discussion-based plenary. BSPS memebership was required to participate, but there were no further registration charges. 

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Ageing in place abstracts 2020

Critical perspectives in demography and population studies abstracts 2020

Data, big data & statistical uncertainty strand abstracts 2020

Demography Inequality Social Policy abstracts

Developments in Official Population Statistics 2020 abstracts

Early career plenary abstract

Families and households abstracts 2020

Fertility abstracts 2020

Health and mortality abstracts 2020

Health & the environment abstracts 2020

Historical demography abstracts 2020

Migration and mobilities abstracts

Regional subnational & local demography abstracts 2020

Strands & sessions with organisers

Ageing in Place:

Strand Organisers: Dr. Yazhen Yang, Dr. Maja Palmer (University of Southampton) –;

Critical perspectives in demography & population studies:

Strand Organiser: Dr Rishita Nandagiri (LSE) –

Data quality:

Strand Organiser: Phil Humby (Office for National Statistics) –

Data science: Innovative data, methods and models:

Strand Organiser:
      Dr. Jason Hilton (University of Southampton) -

Digital and computational demography:

Organiser: Diego Alburez-Gutierrez (Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research) -

Understanding statistical uncertainty and error: applying new methods to blended population and migration estimates:

Organiser: Dr. Louisa Blackwell (office for National Statistics) –

Demographic impact of climate change:

Organiser: Dr. Dermot Grenham –

Demography, inequality & social policy:

Strand Organiser: Phil Humby (ONS) –

Unintended consequences of social policy:

Organiser: Dr. Kathrin Morosow (University of Bath) –

Families & households strand:

Strand Organisers: Dr. Jenny Chanfreau (UCL); Dr. Afshin Zilanawala (UCL) –

Families and work:

Organiser: Dr. Afshin Zilanawala (UCL) –  

East Asian families: 

Sexual activities in marital relationships in East Asia:

Organisers: Dr.Man-yee Kan and Dr. Muzhi Zhou (University ofxford) -,

Family and wellbeing in East Asia:

Organisers: Dr. Kamila Kolpashnikova and Dr. Ekaterina Hertog (University of Oxford) -;

Fertility & reproductive health:

Strand Organiser: Dr.Heini Väisänen (University of Southampton) –

Later fertility in low fertility countries:

Organiser: Dr. Eva Beaujouan (Wittgenstein Centre for Demography & Global Human Capital) –

Health & mortality:

Strand Organiser: Dr.Tiziana Leone (London School of Economics) –

Life course neighbourhood effects:

Organiser: Dr. Stephen Jivraj (UCL) –

Historical demography:

Strand Organisers: Dr.Hanna Jaadla & Dr. Alice Reid  (University of Cambridge) –;

Internal & international migration:

Strand Organisers: Dr. Júlia Mikolai (University of St Andrews), Dr. Michael J. Thomas (Statistics Norway)  –;

Children of immigrants:

Organisers: Dr. Matthew Wallace, Dr. Ben Wilson (University of Stockholm) –;

Immigrant integration across industrialised countries:

Organisers: Professor Hill Kulu, Dr. Júlia Mikolai (University of St. Andrews) –;

Spatial mobility & immobility: what does moving or not moving mean for social & political attitudes:

Organiser: Dr. Ian Shuttleworth (Queen’s University Belfast) –

Regional, subnational and local demography: its impact on policy-making for places

Strand organisers: Ben Corr (Greater London Authority), Dr. Mark Fransham (LSE) –;

 Telling the story in statistics:

Organiser: Dr.Esther Roughsedge (National Records of Scotland) -

UK Data Service presents data impact stories

IOrganiser: Neil Dymond-Green (UK Data Service, Jisc)



BSPS CONFERENCE 2019 - University Hall, Cardiff University 9-11 September 2019

The 2019 BSPS Conference was held at University Hall, Cardiff University, 9-11 September.

Final programme

The plenary theme of the Conference was ‘An ageing population: opportunities and challenges’.   

Plenary speakers were Professor Carol Jagger (Newcastle University, Institute of Ageing), who spoke on The health and care needs of future older populations: opportunity or challenge?

 & Dr. Brian Beach (International Longevity Centre, UK) who spoke on Longevity in research and policy: What happens next?

Slides from both plenary presentations are available here.

The health and care needs.of future older populations

Longevity in research & policy


Abstracts are presented by session within strands, in the order in which papers are to be presented.

Ageing across the globe abstracts

Data quality abstracts

Developments in official population statistics abstracts

Families and households abstracts

Feminist approaches abstracts

Fertility abstracts

Health and mortality abstracts

Historical abstracts

Innovative data abstracts

Local demography abstracts

Migration mobilities abstracts

Plenary abstracts

Poster abstracts

Telling the story in statistics

Workshops and training sessions 2019