Caroline Bryson

Caroline Bryson

PhD candidate

Department of Social Policy

About me

Research topic:

Child maintenance: how far do family relations foreshadow non-resident parents' financial support of their children?

Caroline is a part-time PhD student in the Social Policy Department. Within her PhD she is exploring how far family dynamics prior to separation predict whether non-resident parents fulfil their financial obligations after separation. Her study is UK-based and quantitative, using the UK Longitudinal Household Survey and the British Household Panel Survey. Within the LSE, she is affiliated to the Centre for Analysis and Social Exclusion (CASE). Outside of the LSE, she works within an independent research partnership, Bryson Purdon Social Research LLP (BPSR) which she set up in 2009. BPSR specialises in impact evaluation, measuring the impact of policies and programmes largely through quasi-experimental designs. Caroline previously spent 13 years at NatCen Social Research and a year at the Nuffield Foundation. She is a UK citizen with a BA in Psychology and an MSc in Social Policy. 

Research interests:
Caroline’s substantive research interests lie in trajectories into and after family separation, and the parent and child outcomes which result. This includes how parents parent post-separation (e.g. co-parenting, finances, residency) and the effectiveness of statutory, legal and third sector support. She has methodological interests in impact evaluation and survey methodology.

 Supervisors: Professor Lucinda Platt, Dr Kitty Stewart

Expertise Details

Family separation; parenting; parents; families; children; child support; child maintenance; child outcomes; impact evaluation; survey methodology.