Dr Gabriel Gutiérrez

Dr Gabriel Gutiérrez

ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow

Department of Social Policy

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Key Expertise
Education Policy, School choice, Quantitative Methods

About me

Gabriel is a Research Postdoctoral Fellow (LSE-ESRC) since October 2019. He joined the Social Policy department after completing a PhD in Education at University College London (IOE). Previously, he worked as an associate researcher at the Centre for Research on Educational Policy and Practice and the Centre for Public Policy (both at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile).

Gabriel is interested in understanding how the socioeconomic and academic composition of the schools influences educational opportunities and in students' attainment level. His research focuses on estimating the impact of the classroom peers and comparing the evolution of segregation across educational systems. Gabriel also has a strong interest in studying the process of privatisation of schools systems and analysing the implications of market-oriented educational reforms. 



Gutiérrez, G., Jerrim, J. & Torres, R.  (2019) School segregation across the world: has any progress been made in reducing the separation of the rich from the poor? The Journal of Economic Inequality, Online First Article. Read here

Carrasco, A., Gutiérrez G. & Flores C. (2017) Failed regulations and school composition: selective admission practices in Chilean primary schools. Journal of Education Policy, 32(5), pp.642–672.

Gonzalez Parrao, C., Gutiérrez, G. & O'Mara-Eves, A. (2018) Are lotteries the best chance for the success of students and schools? A protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis of school randomised admissions. International Journal of Educational Research, 90, pp.20–26.

Jerrim, J., Shure, N., Gutiérrez G. & Torres, R. (2017) Socioeconomic Segregation in Secondary Schools: Evidence from Across the UK. In "The PISA Effect on Global Educational Governance" Routledge Editors.


Expertise Details

Education Policy; School Choice; School Socioeconomic composition; Quantitative Methods