Dr Hayley Jones

Dr Hayley Jones

LSE Fellow

Department of Social Policy

About me

Hayley is an LSE Fellow in the Department of Social Policy, where she teaches international and comparative social policy and development and social policy.  Her background is in Development Studies, with a focus on social policy in Latin America. She studied for her DPhil at the Department of International Development at the University of Oxford. While at Oxford, she also taught on the political economy and theories of development and on social policy in Latin America, and collaborated on research on children and young people’s experiences of violence with the Young Lives study.

Her research interests lie at the intersection of development and social policy. Her doctoral work examined the long-term impacts of Brazil’s flagship antipoverty programme, the Bolsa Família, from the perspective of young beneficiaries. As one of the world’s first and largest conditional cash transfer (CCTs) programme, the Bolsa Família has received much attention and praise and has become the model for many similar programmes around the globe. Based on qualitative methods and extended fieldwork with beneficiary families and policymakers in Brazil, Hayley’s research aims both deconstruct the theory of change behind CCTs in order to understand how CCTs aim to impact poverty over the long run, and to map the life trajectories of young beneficiaries to examine the extent to which they are consistent with the long-term aims of the programme.

Expertise Details

poverty and inequality; social protection; young people; conditional cash transfers; qualitative methods