Seminar Series

SEAC Seminar Series aims to introduce world-leading academic and policy research with a focus on the Southeast Asian social and political landscape. Seminar Series take place at LSE every Wednesday throughout term time. The events are open to all and currently take place online via Zoom.



Summer Term 2021

13 May (Thursday), 2-3:30pm (BST)
Land, Ladies, and the Law: A Case Study on Women’s Land Rights and Welfare in Southeast Asia in the Nineteenth Century

⦁ Prof. Kent Deng (Professor of Economic History, LSE Dept of Economic History);
⦁ Dr Thanyaporn Chankrajang (Associate Professor in Economics at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand)

16 June (Wednesday), 12-1:30pm (BST)
Digital Interventions on Urban Societal Challenges in Southeast Asian Communities

⦁  Prof. Hyun Bang Shin (Professor of Geography and Urban Studies and Director of Saw Swee Hock Southeast Asia Centre, LSE)
⦁ Dr Joanne Lim (Associate Professor in Communications, Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Nottingham in Malaysia)


Lent Term 2021

20 January (Wednesday), 12-1:30pm (GMT)
Book Launch: "Home SOS: Gender, Violence and Survival in Crisis Ordinary Cambodia"

⦁ Prof. Katherine Brickell (Professor of Human Geography at Royal Holloway, University of London);
⦁ Dr W. Nathan Green (Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, National University of Singapore);
⦁ Dr Jordana Ramalho (Lecturer in Urban Planning for Diversity, Bartlett DPU, University College London);
⦁ Dr Charlie Rumsby (Research Fellow, Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations, Coventry University);
⦁ Dr Sokphea Young (Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Anthropology, University College London)

27 January (Wednesday), 1-2:30pm (GMT)
"Flooding and the Politics of Property Rights in Jakarta"

⦁ Prof. Gavin Shatkin (Professor at the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs, and the School of Architecture, at Northeastern University)

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10 February (Wednesday), 12-1:30pm (GMT)
Book Launch: "Thinking and Working Politically in Development: Coalitions for Change in the Philippines"

⦁ Prof. John Sidel (Sir Patrick Gillam Chair in International and Comparative Politics, LSE Department of Government);
⦁ Jaime Faustino (Program Director, Economic Reform and Development Entrepreneurship, The Asia Foundation);
⦁ Prof. James Putzel (Professor of Development Studies, LSE Department of International Development);
⦁ Dr Tamaki Endo (Associate Professor at Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Saitama University; SEAC Visiting Senior Fellow)

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25 February (Thursday), 2-3:30pm (GMT)
Urban Salon: Theorising urban studies on/from China/Asia

Dr Julie Ren (Senior Scientist at the Department of Geography, University of Zurich);
Dr Yimin Zhao (Assistant Professor in Urban Planning and Management, Renmin University of China);
⦁ Prof. Jennifer Robinson (Chair of Human Geography, Department of Geography, University College London);
⦁ Prof. Hyun Bang Shin (Professor of Geography and Urban Studies and Director of Saw Swee Hock Southeast Asia Centre, LSE)
Prof. Matthew Gandy (Professor of Cultural and Historical Geography and Fellow of King's College, University of Cambridge)

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1 March (Monday), 1-2pm (GMT)
LSE Festival: Shaping the Post-COVID World - Life in a Post-COVID World: Learning from Southeast Asia

Prof. Hyun Bang Shin (Professor of Geography and Urban Studies and Director of Saw Swee Hock Southeast Asia Centre, LSE)
⦁  Dr Nicole Curato (Associate Professor, Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance, University of Canberra)
⦁  Dr Sin Yee Koh (Senior Lecturer in Global Studies, School of Arts and Social Sciences, Monash University Malaysia)
⦁  Prof. John Sidel (Sir Patrick Gillam Chair in International and Comparative Politics, LSE Department of Government)

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9 March (Tuesday), 12-1:30pm (GMT)
SEAC Public Lecture 'Spatial Politics and Transient Migrant Workers in Global-City Singapore'

⦁ Prof. Brenda S.A. Yeoh (Raffles Professor of Social Sciences, National University of Singapore)

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18 March (Thursday), 10-11am (GMT)
Getting Developing Asia Back on Track

⦁ Masatsugu Asakawa (President of the Asian Development Bank and the Chairperson of ADB's Board of Directors)

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24 March (Wednesday), 12-1:30pm (GMT)
"Solidarity and Polarization: Centripetal and Centrifugal Forces in Southeast Asia"

⦁ Dr Hongxuan Lin (Senior Tutor in Southeast Asian Studies, National University of Singapore)
⦁ Dr Michael Magcamit (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow, Queen Mary University of London)

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31 March (Wednesday), 12-1:30pm (BST)
"Urban informality at crossroad? Dynamics between inclusion and exclusion in Bangkok"

⦁ Dr Tamaki Endo (Associate Professor in Development Economics, Saitama University, Japan; SEAC Visiting Senior Fellow)

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Michaelmas Term 2020

30 September (Wednesday), 12-1:30pm (BST)
Roundtable on Decolonising Higher Education

Dr Leon Moosavi (Senior Lecturer in Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology and Director of the University of Liverpool in Singapore);
⦁ Tamara Soukotta (PhD researcher at International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of The Erasmus University);
⦁ Dr Lisa Tilley (Lecturer in Politics, Birkbeck, University of London)

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7 October (Wednesday), 4-5:30pm (BST)
“Mapping Transdisciplinary Data for Spatial Justice:  Migration and Urbanization in Vietnam and Beyond”

⦁ Dr Annette Kim (Associate Professor, Sol Price School of Public Policy, University of Southern California; Director, Spatial Analysis Lab)

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⦁ Followed by a Masterclass on 16 October (Friday), 4pm

14 October (Wednesday), 2-3:30pm (BST)
The Production of Jakarta’s Water Crisis: A Political Ecology of Speculative Urbanism

⦁ Dr Emma Colven (Assistant Professor of Global Environment, University of Oklahoma)

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19 and 21 October (Monday and Wednesday), 12-1:30pm (BST)
COVID-19 and Southeast Asia Webinar Series

⦁ Marginalised and Vulnerable Groups and Strategies for Mutual Support During Covid-19 (19 Oct)

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The Experiences of Southeast Asia’s Migrant Workers, Asylum Seekers, and Refugees During Covid-19 (21 Oct)

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26-30 October
LSE Southeast Asia Week: Roundtable Discussions

11 November (Wednesday), 12-1:30pm (GMT)
Theorising the City in and from Southeast Asia”

⦁ Dr Rita Padawangi (Senior Lecturer, Centre for University Core, Singapore University of Social Sciences)

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⦁ Followed by a Masterclass on 13 November (Friday), 12pm

17 November (Tuesday), 12-1:30pm (GMT)
Nalehmu Urbanism: The informal, intimate and relational economies of Yangon Street Vending

⦁ Dr Jayde Lin Roberts (Senior Lecturer in Built Environment, University of New South Wales)

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25 November (Wednesday), 12-1:30pm (GMT)
Roundtable on Postcolonial Urbanism and History of Southeast Asia

⦁ Dr Kah Seng Loh (Honorary Research Fellow, University of Western Australia)
⦁ Dr Su Lin Lewis (Senior Lecturer in Modern Global History, University of Bristol)
Dr Do Young Oh (LSE SEAC)

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2 December (Wednesday), 12-1:30pm (GMT) - CANCELLED
“Impacts of Accelerated Urbanisation in Yangon, Myanmar”

⦁ Dr Marion Sabrié (Université d'Évry Val-d'Essonne)

9 December (Wednesday), 12-1:30pm (GMT)
“Foreign, ‘Fresh' and 173cm: The Commodification of Domestic Workers in Singapore”

⦁ Dr Laura Antona (ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Oxford)