China and the World Seminar Series

This monthly seminar series brings together leading academics to discuss issues of public policy research across China and other countries



Social Policy Development in the Post-COVID Age in China and BRICS Countries: Challenges and Opportunities

Wednesday, 8 February, 1:00pm-2:00pm

Based on the speakers’ research on social policy developments in China and BRICS countries before and during the pandemic, especially in the fields of education and health policies, this seminar will be devoted to discussing the challenges and opportunities as these countries move to “build back better” in the post-COVID age.

Speaker: Dr Yifei Yan (Southampton University).

Chair: Dr Yuxi Zhang (School of Public Policy).

Venue: Zoom. Register here.

This seminar is co-hosted with the Global Health Initiative 


Civic Engagement, Volunteerism and Philanthropy in Contemporary China and Beyond

Thursday, 8 December, 1:00pm-2:00pm

In this conversation, Profs Hasmath and Hildebrandt will explore the relationship between volunteerism, philanthropy, and civic engagement in contemporary China. They will discuss the new forms of citizen-led initiatives that are complementary to, or supplanting, state-led ones.

Speaker: Dr Reza Hasmath (University of Alberta).

Chair: Dr Timothy Hildebrandt (Department of Social Policy).

Listen to the podcast HERE.


Researching Public Opinion in China

Thursday, 10 November, 1:00-2:00pm

In this research dialogue session, Dr Blake Miller and Professor Bingchun Meng will discuss their research on mediated political communication in the Chinese context and exchange opinions about some of the common methodological and conceptual issues that cut across their respective fields.

Listen to the podcast HERE