£1.4 million grant to support research into religious pluralism at LSE

Three-year grant to support innovative research at the intersection of religion and critical global challenges and the training of 300 interfaith global leaders.

Global Religious Pluralities Project, LSE Religion and Global Society


Religion related research at the interface of policy and practice in order to create a more peaceful global society

LSE Religion and Global Society, an inter-Departmental Research Unit hosted by the LSE Faith Centre, was set up in December 2019 in order to support and develop the work of the LSE Faith Centre’s transformational leadership and interfaith dialogue programmes for global audiences.

With the support of Templeton Religion Trust, the unit is about to embark on a three-year research project, beginning in March 2021, that aims to produce new paradigms of thinking and engagement at the intersection of religion and critical global challenges, while preparing and training 300 leaders to influence and impact them.


Religiously plural societies are under strain all around the world and we are delighted to form this partnership with Templeton Religion Trust to help us better understand the causes of these interreligious tensions as well as enhancing the LSE Faith Centre’s work in forming new leaders to overcome them.

Dr James Walters, Director, LSE Faith Centre and Religion and Global Society

Working in partnership with three LSE academic departments and centres (LSE Anthropology, LSE Women Peace and SecurityLSE Middle East Centre) the project will focus on three research strands: Creating Plural Spaces, Women of Faith and Peacebuilding and Climate Change and Interfaith Relations. These insights will be adapted and developed into a range of online resources, education programmes, conferences and workshops for researchers, policy makers and practitioners.

It is our aim that this nexus between research and practice will make a significant contribution to the social scientific understanding of religion and its applications across multiple fields and disciplines.

FCA 2019 Group picture

A group of student interfaith leaders on completing an LSE Faith Centre Programme, 2019.