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The Ernest Gellner Memorial Fund

Ernest Gellner taught at the London School of Economics and Political Science from 1949 to 1984, becoming Professor of Philosophy in 1962. He was awarded an Honorary Fellowship in 1986. Professor Gellner died in Prague on 5 November 1995, aged 69. A Memorial Meeting for him took place at the School on 29 May 1996.

The LSE has established a Memorial Fund to commemorate the life and work of Ernest Gellner. It has been agreed with members of his family that the Memorial Fund should reflect his interests by having the following purpose:

To assist students registered for PhD degrees in the Departments of Anthropology, Government, International History, International Relations, Philosophy and Sociology at the LSE, by providing support for their research expenses, and in special circumstances contributing to their maintencance costs. This assistance will be offered in alternate years to:

* student from the ex-communtist states of Eastern Europe, including the former Yugoslavia, or from nations with a Muslim population of 50% or more;

* students of any nationality conducting fieldwork and/or archival research in the ex-communits states or Muslim nations described above.

The Memorial Fund will be overseen by a Management Committee, comprising representatives of Ernest Gellner's estate and of the LSE.