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How to be happy

The pursuit of happiness may be a worthy goal, but it's not always easy to pinpoint what it is that will truly bring us joy. Paul Dolan, author of "Happiness by Design: finding pleasure and purpose in everyday life", offers some suggestions.

Do you feel like you’re on a treadmill and happiness is always just around the corner? Are you disappointed that the things you buy don’t bring you lasting happiness?

In this short film, Professor Paul Dolan uses insights from behavioural science to explain why this happens and what to do to improve the way you feel. He focuses on finding the right balance between pleasure and purpose in our lives and how to optimise experiences, rather than things, for wellbeing.

Watch "How to be happy" with Professor Paul Dolan.

Can we become more accepting of differences?

Having spent years researching happiness, can Professor Dolan find a way through the divisions that make us miserable?

In a new podcast series, Professor Dolan brings together friends from the different worlds he straddles in his own life to work through the issues that most divide us - COVID, freedom of speech, class and lifestyle choices. He uses insights from behavioural science to explain why we’re split and how we might fix it. Listen to all episodes via Acast.

Listen to a preview of the Duck - Rabbit podcast with Paul Dolan

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