NameYear(s) of AttendancePrevious position(s)Current positionLinkedIn profile (login may be required)
Xingyu He2013-14Policy Analyst, DRC of Chendu Municipal Government Linkedin
Nicolas Chamat2013-14Advisor, Defensoria del Pueblo Colombia (2015-16); Researcher, Conflict Analysis Resource Centre (2010-13)Advisor, Departamento Nacional de Planeación (2017-present)
Alexandra Lloyd2013-14Operations Assistant, Soapbox (2015)PhD student at University of Colorado at Boulder (2015-present) Linkedin
Alex Docherty2013-14Blue Book Trainee - HR, European Commission (2014-15); Intern, HR Department (2013-13)HR Controller, Autogrill (2015-present) Linkedin
Michael Plant2013-14Project Coordinator, Coeo Ltd (2014-14); Trooper, British Army (2013-15); CoFounder, Head of Well-being, System One Consulting (2014-15); Project Coordinator, Coeo Ltd (2014)Co-Founder and CEO, Hippo (2015-present); PhD Student, Oxford University (2015-present) Linkedin
Skye Robertson2013-14Head of Campaigns, Centre for Entrepreneurs (2014-15); Head of Operations, Centre for Entrepreneurs (2013-14)Chief Strategist, Escape the City (2015-present) Linkedin
Jane Welch2013-14Stakeholder Relations Officer, Alzheimer's Society (2015-16); Organisational Development Adviser, VSO (2012-13)Stakeholder Relations Manger, Alzheimer's Society (2016-present)
Camilla Colombo2013-14PhD Student, LSE (2014-present); Graduate Teaching Assistant, LSE (2014-present) Linkedin
Peter Stentzler 2013-14Trainee, European Parliament (2015-16); Intern, gplus Europe - public affairs and communications (2015)Desk Officer, Federal Foreign Office - Auswärtiges Amt (2016-present) Linkedin
Gabrielle Denning-Cotter2013-14Director, Australian Government Department of Social Services (2016); Director - VET Rerform Taskforce (2015-16); Director - National Ports and Freight, Australian Government Department of Infrastructure and Transport (2011-13)General Manager 1800RESPECT, Medibank (2016-present) Linkedin
Rikke Sommer2013-14Business Analyst, Implement Consulting Group (2014-15)Management Consultant, Implement Consulting Group (2015-present) Linkedin
David Kinney2013-14M&A Analyst, Hampleton (2014-2015); Parliamentary Intern to Baroness Tyler of Enfield, UK House of Lords (2013-14)PhD Student in Philosophy, LSE (2015-present); Graduate Teaching Assistant (2015-present) Linkedin
Ekin Can Genc2013-14Researcher, Hanover Communications (2015); Policy Trainee, European Commission (2014-15); Researcher, Institute of Economic Affairs, (2014)Director, Politik Consulting (2016-present); Policy Fellow, Özgürlük Araştırmaları Derneği (2015-present); Research Analyst, Kaiser Associates (2015-present) Linkedin
John Joseph LoPorto2013-14Research Assistant, DrgDev (2013-14)Associate, D&P Creative Strategies (2015-present) Linkedin
Isaac Plant2013-14Research Assistant, Olema Pharmaceuticals (2012-13)PhD Student in Bioengineering at Harvard University (2014-present) Linkedin
Lana Bracewell2013-14Due Diligence Officer, Due Diligence and Counter Extremism unit, Department for Education (2015-present) Linkedin
Delphine Pedeboy2012-13Researcher, AfriBarometer, CSSR (2014); Research Analyst, Centre for Economic Performance (2014); Host and Activities Coordinator, Asilia Africa (2012); Volunteer, School Project Coordinator, Society for Women and Aids in Malawi (2012)Associate Investments Analyst, Symbiotics (2017-present); Guest Lecturer, University of Johannesburg (2016-present); Philosophy Tutor, University of Cape Town (2014-present) Linkedin
Mark Aherne2012-13Legal Executive, McCann FitzGerald (2015); Trainee, European Commission (2013-14); Intern, GLOBE International (2013); Intern, Office of Barry Gardiner MP (2012); Intern, Michael McGrath TD (2012); Intern, Wilson Associates, Luxembourg (2011)Trainee Solicitor, McCann FitzGerald (2015-present) Linkedin
Frederico Mor2012-13Financial Specialist, House of Commons (2015-17); Principal Analyst and Policy Officer, London Councils (2015); CIPFA Finance Trainee, Southwark Council (2013-15)Senior Economic Researcher, House of Commons (2017-present) Linkedin
Shivika Singh2012-13Outreach Officer, Greenpeace (2014-16); Social Media Intern, Medecins Sans Frontieres (2014); Management Intern, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Ltd (2013); Environmental Analyst, RKV Foundations (2012)Corporate Partnership Executive, United Way of Mumbai (2016-present) Linkedin
Joseph Wolfe2012-13Account Executive, The Bonner Group (2011-2012); Legislative/Press Aide, Office of Representative Ann Kirkpatrick, US House of Representatives (2009-10)Teacher, Changwon Korea (2014-present)
Claude Risner2012-13Voting and Engagement Assistant, Hermes Investment Management (2014); Intern, World Health Organisation (2013); Data Analyst, Western Power Distribution (2012)Journalist, Healthcare Business International (2014-present) Linkedin
Erin Nash2012-13Ethics and Sustainability Coordinator, UCL (2013-14); Research Assistant to Professor Gough, LSE (2014); Environmental Planner, Department of Sustainability and Environment (2010-11) PhD Student in Philosophy, Durham University (2014-present) Linkedin
Canace Wong2012-13Associate Partner, Abchurch Communications (2013-16); Part-time Reporter and Producer, TVBS (2013-14); Intern Reporter, South China Morning Post (2011-2012)PR/Communcations, Global Group Capital Management (2016-present) Linkedin
Anna Warm2012-13Research Assistant, Order Project (2012-13); Policy, Politics and Research Intern, Three Faiths Forum (2013-13)Associate, SKDKnickerbocker (2016-present) Linkedin
Colin Campbell2012-13Program Associate, Seedco (2014-15)Individual Giving and Database Manager, Coalition for the Homeless (2016-present) Linkedin
Shane Lohnes2012-13Accountant, Tango Card, Inc. (2015-17); Gift Card Operations Manager, Tango Card, Inc. (2015); Securities Information Specialist, Lexis Nexis (2014-15)Treasury and Purchasing Manger, Tango Card, Inc. (2017-present) Linkedin
Tony Richards2012-13Policy Advisor, Department of Education (2015-16); Assistant Press Officer, Department for Education (2015); Policy and Communications Assistant, Leonard Cheshire Disability (2014-15)Policy Advisor, Civil Service Fast Stream (2017-present); Change Management, Civil Service Fast Stream (2016-present) Linkedin
Hannah Wilson2012-13Consultant, IFC International (2013-17); Policy and Research Intern, Institute of Fundraising (2013)Research Manager, Ipsos MORI (2017-present); Joint Founder, Apples and Pears Supper Club (2012-present) Linkedin
Jennie Sutcliffe2012-13Policy Specialist, Saragent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law (2015-16); Policy Analyst, Illinois Health Insurance Marketplace, State of Illinois (2013-15)Fondazione Falcone/NIAF Criminology Grantee, Fullbright Commission (2016-present) Linkedin
Feroza Sanjana2011-12Research Assistan, LSE (2015); Political Intern, Risk Advisory Group (2014); Researcher, United Nations Population Fund (2013)PhD Candidate, Berlin Graduate School for Transnational Studies (2015-present) Linkedin
Mark Dayan2011-12Policy and Public Affairs Officer, Nuffield Trust (2013-15); Press and Public Affairs Assistant, Nuffield Trust (2012-13); Research Intern, New Local Government Network (2010)Policy and Public Affairs Analyst, Nuffield Trust (2015-present) Linkedin
Cristian Fernando Calderon Vargas2011-12Asesor del concejal Juan Carlos Florez - Unidad de Apoyo Normativo, Bogota City Council (2012-15); Philosophy Ethics and Religion Teacher, Universidad Pedagogiva Nacional (2011)Asesor político - Concejal Jorge Torres - Partido Alianza Verde, Concejo de Bogotá (2016-present); Consultant, Centro de estudios en democracia y asuntos electorales - CEDAE. Registraduría Nacional (2015-present) Linkedin
Benedikt Dietl2011-12Intern (German Delegation) OECD//German Foreign Office (2012-12)Consultant, Oliver Wyman (2013-present) Linkedin
Frances Page Pimenta2011-12Eco-Management, European Central Bank (2013); European Policy Officer - Bluebook trainee, European Commission (2012-13)Policy Advisor, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (2014-present) Linkedin
Julius Syvanen2011-12Senior Analyst, Rocket Fuel Inc (2016); Analyst, Rocket Fuel Inc (2015-16); Analytics Reporting Analyst, Rocket Fuel Inc (2013-14)Senior Data Scientist, Quiqup (2016-present) Linkedin
Beatrice Blois2011-12Project Officer, The AIRE Centre (2014-15); Legal Caseworker, The AIRE Centre (2013-14); Language Teacher, EntraideFrance (2012)Legal Project Manager, The AIRE Centre (2016-present) Linkedin
Cynthia Zavala2011-12Psiquiatra, Integramedica SA (2013-14)Psiquiatra, Psiquiatra en Consulta Particular (2013-present); Departamento Salud Publica UC, Investigador Adjunto, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (2013-present); Asesora Departamento Salud Mental, MINSAL, Ministerio de Salud de Chile (2014-present) Linkedin
Othmane Mechatte2011-12Academic Tutor, Tutoring (2012-16); OECD-MENA Governance Programme, OECD (2014); Communications Coordinator, Auroville Dental Centre (2014); Assistant to Professor Ayhan Aytes, The American University of Paris (2013)Academic Tutor, Tutoring (2012-present) Linkedin
Jeremy Kneebone2011-12Business Development Analyst, Ingeus (2014-15); Business Analyst, Somerset County Council (2013-14); Research Intern, Localis (2013); Capital Strategy Intern, Cornwall County Council (2012)Trusts, Foundations and Research Manger, Soho Theatre (2017-present); Performance Analyst, Ingeus (2015-present) Linkedin
Laure Menant2011-12CConsultant, Corporate Value Associates (2014-16); Freelance Consultant, ReD Associates (2014); Consultant, ReD Associates (2013)Senior Consultant, Bengs (2017-present) Linkedin
Ian Cruise2011-12Economic Policy Analyst, Louisiana Department of Revenue (2012-14)PhD Student in Philosophy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2014-present) Linkedin
Michael Brenner2011-12Law Student, Cornel University (2012-15); Summer Associate, Simpson Thatcher & Bartlett LLP (2014)Litigation Associate, Debevoise & Plimpton (2015-17) Linkedin
Brandon Kenney2011-12Judicial Law Clerk, United States District Court for the Western District of Kentucky (2015-16); Summer Associate, Simpson Thatcher & Bartlett LLP (2014-14); Research Assistant for Professor Paul Robinson, University of Pennsylvania Law School (2013-14); Legal Intern, MSHA Litigation Backlog Project, US Department of Labor (2013-13); Legal Intern, City of Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations (2013-13); Law Student, University of Pennsylvania Law School (2012-15)Associate, Simpson Thatcher & Bartlett LLP (2016-present) Linkedin
James Nation2011-12Principal Policy Adviser, Confederation of British Industry (2014-16); Project Leader (2014-15); Senior Policy Adviser - Tax and Fiscal, Confederation of British Industry (2012-14)Team Leader, Housing Strategy, Department for Communities and Local Government (2016-present) Linkedin
Alexandra Singer2011-12Policy Analyst, ISC Intelligence in Science (2013-14); Conflict Prevention Intern, Minority Rights Group International (2012-13)MPhil Student, KU Leuven (2016-present); Editor, Tsamota (2014-present) Linkedin
Sushanth Nambiar2011-12Fellow, Teach For India (2014-16); Financial Analyst Intern, Sub-K (2013); Policy Advocacy and Action Research Intern, Basix Social Enterprise Group (2012-13); Fundraising Team Leader, KUA Fundraising (2012); Teacher and Mentor, ReachOut UK (2012)City Programme Manager, India School Leadership Institute (ISLI) (2016-present) Linkedin
Alexander Struk2011-12Market Researcher, Finaccord (2012)Associate Consultant, Bain & Company (2013-present) Linkedin
Sumithra Prasanna2011-12Director, Bull’s Eye Films (2008-15)Senior Producer/Director, Channel NewsAsia (2015-present) Linkedin
Umberto Sconfienza2011-12Italian Delegate, 2014 Y8 Summit (2014); roject Assistant, Stakeholder Forum (2014)Teaching assistant, Tilburg University (2013-present); Junior Researcher, Tilburg University (2012-present) Linkedin
Nur Puri Purini2011-02Analyst at Lehman Brothers (2002-03); advisory -Real Assets Privatization at the Italian Treasury (2003-05); Non-profit Partner, Robert F Kennedy Human Rights Europe (2004-05); Aspen Junior Fellow, the aspen institute (2003-08; Manager EMEA, Intesa San Paolo Startup initiative (2010-14)Senior Manager STructured Commodity and Trade Finance, Intesa Sanpaolo (2006-present); Venture Capital and innovation, Intesa sanpaolo (2011-present) Linkedin
Debra Hertzberg2010-11Researcher, Hertfordshire Local Pharmaceutical Committee (2009-2011); Project Officer, National Education Trust (2011-2011)Financial Inclusion Researcher, Toynbee Hall (2011-present) Linkedin
David Bass2010-11Legal Researcher, The Law Office of Michael Edmund Burke (2013); Legal Assistant, The Law Office of Michael Edmund Burke (2012) Linkedin
Andrew Simon2010-11Special Assistant to the Chairman, National Endowment for the Humanities (2012-13); Literary Intern, Ross Yoon Literary Agency (2014-14);Literary Assistant, Ross Yoon Literary Agency (2014-present); Law Student at Georgetown university
Elizabeth Byrne Lang2010-11Donor Relations Officer, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University (2014-15); Campaign Coordinator, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University (2014); Executive Assistant, The David and Lucile Packard Foundation (2012-14); Community Volunteer, Palo Alto (2011-2013)Donor Relations Manager, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University (2015-present) Linkedin
Raha Tabar2010-11Commercial Associate, Creditflux (2012-14)International Business Development Executive, Financial Times, fDi Intelligence (2014-present) Linkedin
Johannes Himmelreich2010-11PhD Student, LSE Philosophy (2011-15); Freelance Correspondent, taz.die tageszeitung (2011-13)Postdoctoral Researcher, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (2015-present) Linkedin
Jose Antonia Alfaro Diaz2010-11Senior Advisor to the Secretary, Secretary of Public Eductation (2015-16); Senior Advisor to the President’s Chief of Staff, Mexico (2012-15); Adjunct Professor, ITESM (2012-14); Public Policy Advisor, Elected Government Mexico (2012-12)MPA, Havard University (2016-present) Linkedin
Junqing (Jack) Liu2010-11Assistant Manager, KPMG China (2013-15); Auditor, KPMG China (2011-13)Senior Internal Control Specialist, Volvo (2015-present) Linkedin
Hannah Jongsma2010-11Policy Analyst, BMA (2013-14); Pensions Officer, BMA (2011-13)PhD Student in Epidemiology, University of Cambridge (2014-present) Linkedin
Natalia Vallalpando2010-11Coordinator, Fundacion IDEA (2013-13); Profesora Etica, Universidad Iberoamericana (2012-12); Research Analyst, Spectron Desarrollo (2012-12)Partner and Country Manager, C230 Consultores (2014-present) Linkedin
Morgan Mullooly2010-11Analyst, Analysis Mason (2011-16)Specialist, Accenture Research (2016-present) Linkedin
Bryan Williamson2010-11Researcher, Institute of Economic Affairs (2010-11)Business Strategy Consultant, Accenture (2011-present) Linkedin
Jeroen Jonker2010-11Senior adviseur, Gemeente Enschede (2011-15)Coördinator strategie en projectleider, Gemeente Enschede (2015-present) Linkedin
Andreana E Lefton2010-11Public Policy Fellow, Baha’i National Centre (2015-16); Visiting faculty member, central european university (2014-15); Freelance Researcher, Guardian News and media (2012-13); Associate Artist, Eastside Educational trust (2012-13); Publicity officer, European press prize (2012-13); English Instructor, Berlitz corporation (2012-13); Head of Research, Off-Centre Production (2011-12); Journalism and Media Intern, America abroad media (2011-11); Researcher and Education Support Worker, Roma support group (2011-11)Education and Outreach Officer, Baha’i National Centre (2016-present) Linkedin
Pablo Garcia Arabehety2010-11Lecturer, The Boulder Institute of Microfinance (2015-17); Chief of Staff, Secretariat for political affairs, Organization of american states (2008-09); Business Development Manager, Warner music group (2007-08); Head of new media, CAPIF Argentina chamber of record producers (2005-07); Policy Research, AAEE Argentine Wind Energy Association (2004-05)Reigional Representative for Latin America, CGAP (2013-present); Independent Consultant, Washington DC and Buenos Aires (2011-present) Linkedin
Katherine Furman2010-11PhD Candidate, LSE (2012-16); Visiting Researcher, University of Capetown (2015); Guest Lecturer, Univrsity of Erfurt (2014-15); Health Policy Researcher, Institute for Social and Economic Research (Rhodes University) (2012-12); Research Assistant, Critical Sexual Reproductive Health Studies (Rhodes University) (2012-12)Postdoctoral Research Associate, Durham University (2016-present) Linkedin
Charlotte Holloway2009-10, 2010-11Chief of Staff, Sherry Coutu CBE (2014); Policy Manager, Broadband Stakeholder Group, techUK (2013-14)Policy Director, techUK (2014-present); Policy Fellow, Centre for Science and Policy, University of Cambridge (2015-present) Linkedin
Deepali Shah2009-10HR Generalist, Mind (2015-16); Executive Coach and Mentor, Empowerment Coaching (2014-15)Interim HR Business Partner, ECJ Design (2016-present) Linkedin
Lesley Anne Gundy2009-10Project Manager, Moving Brands (2014-15); Project Manager, Pajama (2011-14); Projects Intern, The Innovation Unit Ltd (2010-11)Senior Project Manager, Moving Brands (2015-present) Linkedin
Tanya Wragg-Morris2009-10Senior Analyst (Consultant), World Bank Group (2016); Research Associate, UNDP-IPC-IG (2012-13); Research Assistant, LSE Public Policy Group (2011-12); Research Intern, The Young Foundation (2011) Linkedin
Ryan Rafaty2009-10Research Associate, Climate Leadership Council (2016); PhD Student in Politics and International Studies, Cambridge University (2012-16); Managing Editor, King's Review (2014-15); Teaching Supervisor, Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge (2013-15); Intern, The Nation (2011); Researcher in climate change and ethics, Grantham Research Institute (2010)Political Finance Researcher, Insitute for New Economic Thinking (2017-present); Affiliated Researcher, Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance (2016-17) Linkedin
Jared Finnegan2009-10Research Assistant, Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment (GRI) (2015); Research Analyst, World Resources Institute (2011-14); Research Consultant, Post Carbon Institute (2010-11)PhD Candidate, Department of Government and Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change (2014-present) Linkedin
Matthew Pines2009-10Science Assistant, National Science Foundation (2010-12)Associate, Obsidian Analysis, Inc (2012-present) Linkedin
Alissa Quigley2009-10Account Manager, OnBrand Group (2012-15); Account Manager, Nomao (2011-12)Account Manager, Cookery School at Little Portland Street (2015-present) Linkedin
Anne Johannsen2009-10Secondee - Wholesale Thematic Team, Financial Conduct Authority (2014-15); Manager, Ernst & Young (2013-15); Associate, Deutsche Bank (2011-13); Analyst, Barclays Capital (2010-11)Wholesale Banking Fixed Firm Supervision, Financial Conduct Authority (2015-present) Linkedin
Keren Bester2009-10Senior Planner, Ogilvy & Mather (2013-15); Strategy Planner, Inferno Ltd (2011-13); Strategy Planner, CST Advertising (2010-11) Global Planning Partner, Ogilvy & Mather (2015-17) Linkedin
Ashley Kelmore2009-10Preparedness Planner, Emergency Preparedness Planning, Public HEalth - Seattle King County (2010-13)Response Planning Manager, Public Health Seattle King County (2013-present) Linkedin
Monica Magalhaes2009-10PhD Candidate, Health Policy and Ethics, Havard University (2011-17); Graduate Fellow, Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics (2015-16); Summer intern, Novartis (2013)Observor at Optimum Care Committee, Massachusetts General Hospital (2017-present); Observer at the Ethics Advisory Committee, Boston Children's Hospital (2017-present) Linkedin
Alexis Granum2009-10Policy Advisor and Local Press Officer, Lammy for Mayor (2015); Development Officer, The Priory Church of St Bartholomew the Great, West Smithfield (2011-12) Linkedin
Ashley Kolberg2009-10Program Manager, Emergency Preparedness Planning Public Health (2010-present)
Chantal Bazinet2008-09Senior Communications Officer, Missing Children Society of Canada (2012-13); Manager, Communications and PR, Poynt Corporation (2011-12); Communications Coordinator, Poynt Corporation (2009-11)Analyst, Vancouver Division of Family Practice (2014-present);Marketing Communications Manager, Health and Home Care Society of British Columbia (2014-present) Linkedin
Travis Dean Chamberlin2008-09Premier Tutor, The Princeton Review (2003-16); Chief Designer, Dynamik Web Design (2001-15)Premier Tutor, NoodlePros (2016-present); Teaching Assitant, Rady School of Management (2015 -present) Linkedin
Jordana Timerman2008-09Asesora, Secretaria de Derechos Humanos de la nacion (2010-11); Asesora, Secretaria de Transporte de la nacion (2011-13)Consultora, Ribera Desarrolos SA (2013-present); Asesora, Honorable Camara de Diputados de la Nacion (2014-present) Linkedin
Sarah Elizabeth Williams2008-09IT Business Analyst, United States Marine Corps (2013-15); Executive Officer, DISA (2012-13); Business Analyst, DISA (2013-13); Strategic Planner, DISA (2011-12); IT Business Analyst, DISA (2011-11); Editor/Action Officer, DISA (2010-11); Systems Analyst, DISA (2008-2010)Senior Consultant, Deloitte (2015-present) Linkedin
Hannah Jull2008-09Researcher, Russell Group (2009-10)Consultant/Director, Kinase Strategy (2009-present) Linkedin
Andrew Lowenthal2007-08Chief Operating Officer, New & Charter Schools, NYC Department of Education (2014-16); Senior Director, Institutional Effectiveness, NYC Dept of Education (2013-14); Director of Operations, NYC Department of Education (2012-13); Manager, Human Capital Development, Cornell University (2010-11); Program Manager, Partnership for Public Service (2010-11); Presidential Management Fellow, US State Department (2002-09)Executive Director, Out in Tech (2016-present) Linkedin
Aaron Hendrikson2007-08Public Policy Analyst, Fitness Industry Association (2008-09)High School Teacher, Fairview High School (2011-present) Linkedin
Sophie Neuburg2007-08Policy Manager, Energy, Consumer Futures (2011-13); Event Coordinator, Antic Establishment (2008-12); Energy Strategy Officer, Borough of Lambeth (2010-11); Climate Change Officer, Borough of Lambeth (2009-10); National Management Trainee, Borough of Lambeth (2008-10)Campaigner, Friends of the Earth (2013-present) ; Mentor, This is Rubbish (2010-present) Linkedin
Edwin Grant2007-08Commodities Trading Assistant, Barclays Investment Bank (2013-14); Analyst, Barclays Wealth and Investment Management (2012-13); Analyst - Commission Management, Liquidnet (2011-12); Team Administrator, Deloitte & Touche (2010-11); Quality Assurance Coordinator, London Metropolitan University (2010-10); Project and Research Coordinator, QUEST Consulting (2009-10); Case Support Officer, Serious Fraud Office (2008-09)Derivatives Analyst, EDF Trading (2014-present) Linkedin
Oleksiy Kurka2007-08Projects Officer, British Embassy Kyiv (2009-10)Communications Co-ordinator, British Embassy Kyiv (2010-present) Linkedin
Anatonia Moll2007-08Associate, Watson, Farley & Williams (2013-15); In-House Legal (secondment) DONG Energy (2013-15); Trainee Solicitor, Watson, Farley & Williams LLP (2011-13)Legal Counsel, RWE Supply & Trading GmbH (2015-17) Linkedin
Andy Schwarm2007-08Chief Performance Officer, Cook Country Government (2013-15); Deputy Chief Performance Officer, Cook County Government (2012-13); Policy Analyst, Office of the President, Cook County (2010-12); Policy Director, Alexi for Illinois (2009-10); Research Coordinator, Alexi Giannoulias for Illinois (2009-10)Associate Principal, Civic Consulting Alliance (2016-present) Linkedin
Mats Ingelstrom2007-08Routing Manager, mBlox (2010-11); Business Analyst, mBlox (2009-10)PhD Candidate, Stockholm University (2011-present); Research Assistant, Institute Studies (2017-present) Linkedin
Akiva Sandler2007-08Business Analyst/Project Manager, Tenengroup (2013-15); Corporate Strategy and Analysis, Masada Global Prokects Ltd (2011-15); Research and Business Analyst, Strategy 3i (2009); Assistant to the Minister for Commercial Affairs, Embassy of Israel (2008)Security Consultant, A.S. Consulting (2015-present) Linkedin
Sarah Kellogg2007-08Marketing Communications Writer, Schiff Hardin LLP (2015-17); Director of Marketing, LearnLeo (2012-15)Strategist, Mabbly (2017-present) Linkedin
Matthew Mahoney2006-07Executive Director, The LEADER Project (2015-16); Senior Business Development Specialist, Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment (2012-15); Senior Sector Advisor, Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation (2011-12); Senior Advisor, Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation (2010-2011); Principal Analyst, Nordicity (2008-2010)Senior Policy Advisor, Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Growth (2016-present) Linkedin
Sze Ling Cheng2006-07Executive Officer, Hong Kong Government (2010-12); Environmental Affairs Officer, Friends of the Earth (HK) (2008-10); Project Coordinator, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2008-08)Administrative Officer, Hong Kong Government (2012-present) Linkedin
Natalie Raaber2005-07Commissioned Researcher and Writer, Global Network of Women Peacebuilders (2013-14); Commissioned Researcher and Writer, Centre for Women's Global Leadership (2013-14); Researcher, The Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) (2008-13)Research Consultant, United Nations Population Fund (2014-present) Linkedin
Chelsey Wickmark2005-06UX/UI Design Consultant, Impact Mapper (2016); Consultant, UNDP Independent Evaluation Office (2013-14); Consultant, UN Office for South-South Cooperation (2012-13); Consultant, UN Women Evaluation Office (2011-13); Researcher, UNICEF (2010-12); Research Assistant, UNDP (2008-10); Intern, Clinton Global Initiative (2009-09); Policy Researcher, Policy Network (2006-08)Service Designer & Research Strategist, Philips Design (2016-present) Linkedin
Alex O’Cinneide2005-06Head of Investments and General Manager, Masdar (Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company) (2007-12)Managing Director and Head of Europe, Paladin Capital Group (2012-present); CEO, Gore Street Capital (2014-present); Non-Executive Director, 8minutenergy Renewables (2016-present); Board Member, Sustainable Nation Ireland (2013-present) Linkedin
Jan Adriaenssens2005-06Vice President Policy and Strategy, iMinds (2016); Director Strategy and Innovation (2014-15); Deputy Chief of Staff for Science and Innovation, Office of the Flemish Minister for Innovation (2013-14); Advisor, Office of the Flemish Minister for Innovation (2011-13); Senior Researcher, Flemish Council for Science & Innovation (2008-10); Research Manager, University of Antwerp Belgium (2008); Coordinator of the Doctoral Programme, University of Antwerp, Belgium (2006-07)Director City of Things, imec (2016-present) Linkedin
Nicola Moore2004-05Senior Manager, Global Strategy, Starbucks (2015-17); Product Manager, Starbucks (20014-15); Associate Brand Manager, Malboro Gold, Altria (2012-13); Senior Analyst, Government Affairs, Altria (2011-12); Director of External Relations, Institute for Humane Studies (2010-11); Assistant Director, Economic Policy Studies, The Heritage Foundation (2007-10)Senior Marketing Manger, Brand Strategy & Insights, Amazon Fashion (2017-present) Linkedin
Jason Song2004-05Researcher, Carbon Disclosure Project (2005-06); Research, House of Commons (2004-5)Director, BDA Partners (2006-present) Linkedin
Lawrence Miller2003-05Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management (2014-17);Senior Consultant in the Financial Services Advisory Practice of Ernst & Young LLP (2012-14); Vice President at Citigroup (2005-12)Account Executive, First Republic Bank (2017-present) Linkedin
Francine Antonio Forte2001-02Corporate Management and Policy Consultant, City of Toronto (2009-13); Communications Advisor, Media Relations and Issues Management, City of Toronto (2005-09)Manager, Digital Communications at City of Toronto (2013-present) Linkedin