Moral and Political Philosophy

An Education in Diversity?

3 July 2017|

Can compulsory formal education be justified on liberal grounds? Christina Easton on J. S. Mill, John Rawls and the famous Wisconsin v. Yoder court case.

The Last Hope Part 2: Dying Well and a World Without Me

12 June 2017|

In the second part of this series, Luc Bovens looks at a good death and a future without oneself.

The Last Hope Part 1: A Worthwhile Life

10 April 2017|

In the first in this three-part series, Luc Bovens looks at death, immortality and the worthwhile life.

Providing aid and foreseeing harm

6 December 2016|

Should we be blamed for the negative consequences of otherwise wholly good acts? Tom Rowe considers the moral risks faced by aid givers.

Moral Mathematics: an interview with Campbell Brown

1 November 2016|

Campbell Brown is one of the most recent additions to our faculty. We thought we’d welcome him to the Department with some questions.

Fair Shares and Degrees of Inequality

22 September 2016|

What does justice demand of individuals in an unjust society? Chris Marshall considers the personal implications of distributive justice.

Why is doping wrong anyway?

17 August 2016|

Most sports ban certain performance-enhancing drugs and penalise those who use them. But is the use of these drugs morally wrong? Heather Dyke looks at the ethics of doping.

Towards a fairer distribution of refugees

28 April 2016|

With the current refugee crisis showing no sign of abating, a fair and efficient method for distributing people to different countries is urgently needed. In this post, Philippe van Basshuysen looks at matching systems.

London under Attack

12 February 2016|

Susanne Burri explores some of the moral complexities of the WWII bombings.

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    What should be expected from the forthcoming climate negotiations?

What should be expected from the forthcoming climate negotiations?

27 November 2015|

With the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference coming up, Eric Brandstedt asks what we should expect from the talks and considers the relationship between ethical and political perspectives on the climate change debate.