We know how eager you are to select your courses, but you still have some time to make up your mind before course selection opens.

You will be able to browse courses on LSE for You using the Graduate Course Choice option before Welcome starts. The browsing window opens on Monday 13 September at 10am.

You will be able to select courses from 10am on Monday 20 September, and after you have registered online (note: not campus enrolled). You must finalise your choice by Monday 4 October at 5pm. It is not possible to change courses after this deadline. There is, as always, one exception: you can make changes to any Lent Term units during the course choice window at the beginning of Lent Term BUT you cannot drop any courses that you have already received teaching for (you cannot drop an MT course for an LT course).

Be aware that deadlines to select courses can be earlier for courses from other departments. Where regulations permit, you can take the equivalent of one unit from outside the Philosophy Department. Make sure you read through the course guide as taking outside options may require the approval from both your home and host department or background knowledge in certain areas. Please also be aware that a place on an outside option is not guaranteed as some courses are mandatory for students on other programmes and these students have priority.

Our Philosophy courses are access controlled, so that we can give priority to students registered with us. We would encourage you to select the Philosophy courses you are interested in during the first week. We will open up to students from other programmes during week two of course choice.

You cannot take more units than those required for your degree, but you can audit as many courses as you would like. As an auditing student, you will be able to attend lectures and may be given access to the course Moodle page, but you cannot attend seminars and will not receive a grade for participating. Your transcript will also not show any audited courses.

And finally, once you have settled on your taught courses, please make sure you have selected PH499 Dissertation and the relevant dissertation seminar (PH418 for Econ and Phil, PH421 for PPP, PH422 for PoSS and PH445 for PoS). The dissertation seminar does not count towards the units you need to select, but is relevant for timetabling your dissertation seminar. Attendance at your dissertation seminar is mandatory.

To summarise:

  1. Browsing courses opens on Monday 13 September
  2. You can start selecting courses from 10am on Monday 20 September, if you have completed online registration.
  3. You must select all 4 units (or 5 for Econ and Philosophy students) by Monday 4 October at 5pm.
  4. You can make changes to Lent Term courses during the course choice window in January.
  5. You can audit as many courses as you would like, but you can only enrol for the number of units required for your programme.
  6. You need to select two courses for your dissertation – PH499 and the relevant dissertation seminar.

Still confused? Get in touch!