LSE can recommend adjustments for students with disabilities or long term medical conditions to meet their individual needs. Reasonable adjustments may include use of a study room, one-to-one study support or use of specialist equipment, extended loans on library books or access to assistive technology.

If you think you might be eligible, you need to contact the Student Disability and Wellbeing Service (DWS). They highly recommend to make appointments early and ideally before you arrive at LSE. The guide for preparing your support at LSE will tell you all relevant steps you need to take and how to contact the DWS.

The arrangements you agree on will be recorded in your inclusion plan (IP) and will be sent to the Department. The only people in the Department who will receive your Inclusion Plan are the Programme Manager, your Programme Coordinator and staff involved in teaching you (if they have to respond to adjustments such as sending lecture notes in advance). Inclusion plans often recommend extensions to deadlines for essays and we advise to get your IP in place early so that you can request extensions where necessary.

You may also be eligible for Individual Exam Adjustments (IEA), which can take the form of, for instance, extra time for your exam, exam breaks, being allowed to bring in food to the exam hall, typing instead of handwriting an exam or being allocated a room where you can work alone rather than being in the main exam hall. Even if you hold an inclusion plan, you will still need to apply for IEAs separately.

The Disabillity and Wellbeing Service has a lot more on offer ranging from peer support groups to courses on how to support your wellbeing. We highly recommend you take a look at their information.