As a student at LSE you can look forward to a fantastic learning environment, meeting new people and participating in lots of social activities. But studying on a one-year MSc programme can also be very challenging and competitive and at times students may feel lonely. The LSE Disability and Wellbeing Service and LSE Counselling are here to help.

The LSE Disability Service (DWS) offers a variety of support that is free to use for all students. The team can help students with long-term medical conditions and disabilities. Trained Mental Health Advisers are available to support you with your mental health and wellbeing.

You may also find that you would like to make use of the LSE Counselling Service to discuss any concerns you may have about your mental health or other difficulties you are currently facing. You will be able to book an appointment online and will be seen by a trained counsellor who will work with you on whatever challenging situation you are experiencing.

Trained student volunteers are available to support you through the Peer Support Scheme. You can contact them for a variety of issues, including home sickness, problems with family or friends, anxiety about your course workload or financial difficulties. The Peer Supporters will be able to signpost you to other services or workshops that may be useful to you and will, at all times, treat your discussion confidentially.

You may not need these services and it is not mandatory to familiarise yourself with the type of support available to you. As it is important to reach out early if you are struggling and we hope having heard about the support services at LSE will be of help to you should you encounter difficult situation and wish to approach DWS, Counselling or the Peer Support Service. You can also speak to your Programme Manager, Andrea Pawley, who is trained in Mental Health First Aid and one of the Mental Health Staff Champions at LSE. She will be able to signpost you to the right service for you.