There are a few people in the life of an MSc student that you might want to build a good rapport with as they form an important link to the School’s Student Services and will be able to assist you when things are not going according to plan. Your programme coordinators have already been introduced in a previous post and there are a couple more people you should know.

Chair of the Exam Sub-Board – Dr Laurenz Hudetz

The Chair of the Exam Sub-Board oversees examinations in the Department of Philosophy. He ensures that all exam papers and essays are up to standard, assigns examiners and liaises with our external markers.  If you experience any difficulties during the examination period, the Chair of the Exam Sub-Board and the Graduate Programmes Manager are happy to help and ensure relevant forms are signed and submitted to the Student Services.

Laurenz Hudetz


Head of Department – Prof Richard Bradley (MT), Prof Alex Voorhoeve (LT)

The Head of Department (HoD) oversees all activity within the Department and works closely with the Departmental Manager (DM) on planning and managing the teaching programme. He is currently the staff representative on the Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) for MSc students in Philosophy and feeds back to School Committees.

Prof Richard Bradley                       


Departmental Manager – Becky Matthams

The Departmental Manager works closely with the Head of Department on resourcing and quality assurance of the Department. They are a crucial link to other managers in central services and ensure the smooth running of services and processes in the Department.

Becky Matthams


Graduate Programmes Manager – Andrea Pawley

The Graduate Programmes Manager in the Department of Philosophy is responsible for all master’s and research programmes in the department. They work closely with the Head of Department, Departmental Manager and Chair of the Exam Sub-Board to ensure overall quality of the programmes and student satisfaction.

Andrea will be one of your main points of contact throughout the year along with your programme coordinator. If you don’t know who to speak to about any issues arising, please contact Andrea and she will be able to assist or signpost you to the correct person.

Andrea Pawley


Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Representative – Kate Vredenburgh

Kate can be contacted for and EDI issues  you may have or experience during your time at LSE. You can approach her confidentially and she can assist you with your query.

Picture of Dr Kate Vredenburgh