The academic year at LSE may be different to the structures from your previous academic institution, so here is your guide to what is happening when. Apart from dissertation elements, this structure will also apply to part-time students.


MSc Economics and Philosophy students start their pre-sessional course in EC400 and will have a brief introduction to their programme.


Welcome Week is finally here. You will meet your teachers, programme coordinators, support staff and moreover, all your fellow students, who will form an important part of your life over the next year. Teaching starts on Monday 28 September (this is Michaelmas term week 1).


You will need to finalise your course choice by 12 October. You can attend and audit a number of lectures and seminars before deciding on your final choice (more on this in an earlier post).


The Philosophy Department operates a reading week in week 6 of MT (2-6 November). Please note that not all departments may operate a reading week and some teaching is scheduled continuously until week 10.


Teaching finishes during the week starting 7 December.


January exams will take place the week commencing Monday 11 January 2021. Not all courses have exams in January and you can find out more about this in the course guide. Teaching will start on Monday 18 January (this is Lent term week 1).

You will be asked to submit your self-assessment form at the end of January where you can review your performance so far and flag any issues that may have arisen.

You have got the option to change 0.5 units for Lent term only. Any courses you have already received teaching for, cannot be dropped. More on this in an earlier post.


The Philosophy Department operates a reading week in week 6 of LT (22 – 26 February). Please note that not all departments may operate a reading week and some teaching is scheduled continuously until week 10.


Last day of teaching is on Thursday 1 April. A period of holiday will start but you will also find that a number of essay deadlines will be during April or at the beginning of May. All deadlines will be confirmed after you have started your programme.

You will need to submit your dissertation title form at the end of term, including an abstract and a brief summary of the discussion you have had with your supervisor.


Summer term is here and with it comes our main exam period, 4 May – 18 June.


Exam period finishes.

Although there is still some time to write your dissertation, we have a deadline for dissertation drafts and guaranteed feedback at the end of June. It is not mandatory to submit a draft but it is a good way to see where you stand with your dissertation. After this deadline supervisors do not have to provide you with further comments, but if they do not have too many commitments, they may still get back to you with suggestions.


There are no fixed dates for departments to release provisional marks to students. The earliest that marks can be made available to students on a 12 months master programme is 1 August each year, and the Department of Philosophy always aims at submitting marks on time to be published on or shortly after 1 August. You will be able to receive feedback on your exam performance around this time as well.

The big day for dissertation submission is here.


You have officially reached the end of your programme!


Confirmed marks will be released, transcripts are available shortly after.
Students will be notified if they need to re-sit elements of their assessment. The resit period will be in January 2022.


GRADUATION – we will see you off with lots of cheering and clapping and a small reception after your walk down the platform.