Last week, we put on some ‘Meet the Faculty’ events. In the Philosophy Department, we are fortunate to have 24 members of faculty, as well as various visiting associates in the Centre for the Philosophy of Natural and Social Sciences (CPNSS). On our website you can find interviews with most of the faculty about their research. Rather than wait until September, we thought we should introduce a few of these folks to you now!

First, we had Liam Kofi Bright, Assistant Professor. Liam joined the Department in 2018 and his areas of specialisation are in Social Epistemology, Philosophy of Science and Africana Philosophy. Last year, Liam gave a popular talk at the Royal Institute of Philosophy titled ‘Why do scientists lie?’ which we’d recommend before you listen to his Meet the Faculty talk.

Next up was Anna Mahtani, Associate Professor, who joined the Department back in 2013. Anna works on the philosophy of language, along with decision theory and formal epistemology, and the relationship between these areas. In her Meet the Faculty talk, Anna spoke about Dutch Book arguments, axioms of probability, degrees of belief, and more!

Third, we had Bryan Roberts, Associate Professor, who also joined LSE in 2013. Bryan’s research is mostly about the Foundations of Physics. Also, Bryan is new the Director of the CPNSS from September 2020. In his Meet the Faculty talk, Bryan talked about asymmetries in the arrow of time, quantum physics, and more.

If you enjoyed these events, do let us know and we will try to arrange more of these in the future. And if you have any feedback, then please do get in touch.