What happens if I cannot attend my seminar? Can I audit a course that is not part of my regulation? Can I take an outside option?“* Your programme coordinator will be your main point of contact for these and questions in regards to programme regulations, course choices and approval of outside options.

Programme coordinators are usually also your academic mentor as they know the programme best and can give you the best advice on how your career plans and the programme fit together. In many cases the programme coordinator will also be your dissertation supervisor, but you can approach any other academic member of staff and ask them to supervise your dissertation. Likewise, your programme coordinator can recommend another member of staff who might be better suited to supervise your project.


Philosophy of Science – Prof Roman Frigg

Professor Frigg specialises in general philosophy of science and philosophy of physics, and he has published papers on climate change, quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, randomness, chaos, complexity, probability, scientific realism, computer simulations, modelling, scientific representation, reductionism, confirmation, and the relation between art and science.




Philosophy of the Social Sciences –  Prof Jason Alexander

Professor Alexander will continue as programme coordinator for Philosophy of the Social Sciences. He specialises in game and decision theory, philosophy of the social sciences, and applied areas of social philosophy. His broader philosophical interests include the philosophy of science and computational philosophy.


Prof Jason Alexander


Philosophy and Public Policy – Dr Jonathan Parry

Dr Parry joined the Department in September 2019 and has done an outstanding job as programme coordinator in his first year. So we are happy to say that he is continuing. He specialises in moral and political philosophy, with a particular focus on the morality of harming and saving and on political authority and obligation.

Dr Jonathan Parry


Economics and Philosophy – Prof Richard Bradley

Prof Bradley returns from his sabbatical and will take on the role of programme coordinator for the MSc Economics and Philosophy again. He specialises in decision theory and related fields such as formal epistemology and semantics.



* Yes, students on Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of the Social Sciences and Philosophy and Public Policy can take an outside option as part of their regulations.

If you are unable to attend a seminar e.g. due to illness, please let the teacher know so they can mark your absence correctly.

You can audit lectures that you are interested in where there is capacity. These will not count towards your programme.