Find out about your programme registration dates and get a first idea of events during Welcome Week.

Although our programmes are relatively small, registration may take a little while as it involves checking a number of documents for you. So why not start making friends with the people who will play an important role in your life over the next 12 months and introduce yourself to the people in the queue next to you?

Please be aware that while your registration is at the end of the week there may be other events for you prior to registration. The Department is setting up a number of welcome events for you, including a postgraduate lunch with the opportunity to meet teaching staff and students from all Philosophy programmes and a welcome soiree for all new students. LSE will also run a series of events for all incoming students and dates will be published as soon as they are confirmed. There will most certainly be other events for you starting from 21 September.

Our registration dates are as follows:

  • MSc Economics and Philosophy: Wednesday 26 August, 12-1pm
  • MSc Philosophy of the Social Sciences: Thursday 24 September 9.30-9.45
  • MSc Philosophy of Science: Thursday 24 September 9.30-9.45
  • MSc Philosophy and Public Policy: Thursday 24 September 10.30-11.00

Please remember to bring your required documents to registration. A full list can be found on the registration help pages. If you do not have all required documents, you will be sent away and have to come back at a later date.