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3 July 2022

How will you shape your path?

Careers don’t always follow a linear path. As you move through and on from LSE, your ideas about what a meaningful career is might change or you might need to navigate difficulties in making the transition to the workplace. 

Developing a sense of belonging in your place of work can take time and looking after your wellbeing is crucial as you undergo any kind of change, and this week of our Summer Offer is designed to help you shape your path and move forward with purpose...

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What's on this week

Shape your own path and move forward with purpose, confidence, and direction with our ‘Navigate your career’ themed events:

Want to catch up with summer so far at LSE Careers?  Visit our Summer Offer Hub.

Resources and opportunities

We have lots of resources designed to help you navigate your career journey and look after yourself – whatever you might encounter along the way. Here are some you might find useful:

In addition to highlighting roles you might like to apply for, browsing jobs and opportunities is a great way to explore where you might like to take your career next – including skills you might want to develop, companies you might be interested in, or even inspiration for a career change:  Browse jobs and opportunities on CareerHub.

Share your feedback and win (maybe)

Attended an event or appointment as part of our Summer Offer? 

Make sure you check your email and fill out the feedback form to let us know how it went. By doing this, you'll help us ensure we give LSE students the best experience and support we can, AND you'll be entered into a prize draw to win a voucher! 

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