Conflict Research Programme–Iraq Papers


Undemocratic Parties in a 'Democratic' System: The Formation and Operation of Political Parties in Post-2003 Iraq

Omar al-Jaffal, October 2021

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‘Basra is Burning’: The Protests in Basra Governorate, 2018–20

Omar al-Jaffal & Safaa Khalaf, October 2021

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The Social Logics of Protest Violence in Iraq: Explaining Divergent Dynamics in the Southeast

Benedict Robin-D'Cruz, August 2021

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Failing Flows: Water Management in Southern Iraq

Azhar Al-Rubaie, Michael Mason and Zainab Mehdi, July 2021

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Local Policing in Iraq Post-ISIL: Carving Out an Arena for Community Service?

Jessica Watkins, Falah Mubarak Bardan, Abdulkareem al-Jarba, Thaer Shaker Mahmoud, Mahdi al-Delaimi, Abdulazez Abbas al-Jassem, Moataz Ismail Khalaf & Dhair Faysal Bidewi, July 2021

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Basra Governorate: A Locality in Crisis – Local Government Crisis and Conflict with the Federal Government

Omar al-Jaffal & Safaa Khalaf, May 2021

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Protest Vote: Why Iraq’s Next Elections are Unlikely to be Game-Changers

Sajad Jiyad, April 2021

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Conflict Research Programme Iraq: A Summary of Research

March 2021

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Destructive Creations: Social-Spatial Transformations in Contemporary Baghdad

Omar Sirri, February 2021

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Confusion and Contention: Understanding the Failings of Decentralisation in Iraq

Ali Al-Mawlawi & Sajad Jiyad, January 2021

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Is Demography Destiny? The Economic Implications of Iraq's Demography

Alexander Hamilton, November 2020

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Assessing Iraqi Kurdistan's Stability: How Patronage Shapes Conflict

Zmkan Ali Saleem & Mac Skelton, July 2020

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Iran in Iraq: The Limits of ‘Smart Power’ Amidst Public Protest

Jessica Watkins, July 2020

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The Business of Recycling War Scrap: The Hashd al-Shaʿabi’s Role in Mosul’s Post-Conflict Economy

Isadora Gotts, May 2020

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The Political Economy of Economic Policy in Iraq

Alexander Hamilton, March 2020

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Iraq's Yazidis and ISIS: The Causes and Consequences of Sexual Violence in Conflict

Zeynep Kaya, November 2019

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Iraq's Popular Mobilisation Forces: The Possibilities for Disarmament, Demobilisation & Reintegration

Hayder Al-Khafaji, November 2019

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Public Payroll Expansion in Iraq: Causes and Consequences

Ali Al-Mawlawi, October 2019

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Response to and Reparations for Conflict-Related Sexual Violence in Iraq: The Case of Shiʿa Turkmen Survivors in Tel Afar

Güley Bor, October 2019

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A Fragmented Landscape: Barriers to Independent Media in Iraq

Aida Al-Kaisy, June 2019

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Satellite Sectarianisation or Plain Old Partisanship? Inciting Violence in the Arab Mainstream Media

Jessica Watkins, April 2019

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Iraq's Disputed Internal Boundaries after ISIS: Heterogeneous Actors Vying for Influence

Mac Skelton & Zmkan Ali Saleem, February 2019

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Iraq's 2018 Government Formation: Unpacking the Friction Between Reform and the Status Quo

Renad Mansour, February 2019

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Iraq Synthesis Paper: Understanding the Drivers of Conflict in Iraq 

Toby Dodge, Zeynep Kaya, Kyra N. Luchtenberg, Sarah Mathieu-Comtois, Bahra Saleh, Christine van den Toorn, Andrea Turpin-King & Jessica Watkins, October 2018

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The 2018 Iraqi Federal Elections: A Population in Transition? 

Renad Mansour & Christine van den Toorn, July 2018

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