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European Media, Technology and Everyday Life Network

The European Media, Technology and Everyday Life Network (EMTEL) is funded under the EU's 'Human Capital and Mobility' Programme. EMTEL began work in March 1995. 

The Network is co-ordinated from the Graduate Research Centre in Culture and Communication at the University of Sussex, UK. It includes researchers from 10 Universities and Research Institutes in 8 European countries

EMTEL is a research network with bi-annual, thematic working meetings. Its aim is to stimulate, support and undertake research within the EU on the changing significance of information and communication technologies for the fabric of everyday life. 

Each of the partners in EMTEL has extensive experience of research in the field, approaching the complex questions of the relationship between technical change and everyday life from different disciplinary perspectives: as sociologists, economists, anthropologists and political scientists. 

Work will focus on the development of a methodology for the comparative study of the trends, impacts and appropriations of information and communication technologies in the private and the public lives of citizens of the EU. At a time of rapid technological change it is necessary to create a grounded understanding of how communication and information technologies are consumed and used, and to understand how social, economic and political factors affect the innovation process. 

Researchers in the EMTEL Network approach these issues both from a macro-sociological and micro-sociological position, investigating the political and economic conditions that affect the diffusion and use of information and communication technologies and services both at the level of structures of national and European policy making as well as the level of the practices of individuals and households in their everyday lives. 

EMTEL will produce a regular sequence of Working Papers and a greater publication after the end of the funding period. 

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