Current students

Current students should enrol on the Department's Moodle site for information on:

Academic Mentors
Feedback and Consultation Hours for Academic Staff

Student handbooks

The MSc Handbook and the PhD Handbook are given out to students at the beginning of each academic year.  The MSc Dissertation Guide is given to students during Michaelmas Term.

Communication and comments

We hope that you enjoy your studies in the Department, and that you are pleased with the teaching and other forms of support that you receive. 

However, if you have any suggestions or concerns, we aim to respond to these constructively and address any problems as promptly as possible. Specifically, if you have a concern about your programme or any aspect of the Department's activities, you are invited to raise this with any of the following:

In addition, LSE has clear guidance on how you can voice concerns and complaints, both formally and informally. See here for more

Should you decide to express a concern or pursue a complaint outside the Department, we ask that you also inform Department Manager James Deeley so that they are aware of the issue.

Submit your dissertation topic

The final time and date for submission is 12.00 noon (UK time) on Friday 29 November.

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  • Dissertation Supervisor Selection
    Please pick three different supervisor options, in no particular order.


Interpreting Your Results

This section is designed to give brief information to MSc students from the Department of Media and Communications who have failed a course, deferred a course, or have not been awarded their degree, and should be read in conjunction with the Department's MSc Handbook and Dissertation Guide (see above) and the webpages on Re-entry

Please also read the Scheme for the Award of a Taught Masters Degree

All results are provisional until the publication of final and confirmed results in November of each year, therefore we are not able to give advice on possible or likely outcomes before the Exam Board has confirmed those results.

We will communicate with you only via your LSE email address.  You must ensure that you can access your LSE IT account so that you can use Moodle for coursework submission, and access your final results on LFY.  If you need to recover your IT account, please contact Tech Support.

Fail with Re-sits

Please note that failing only a half unit course does not necessarily mean that a degree will not be awarded in the current year.

Students on the MSc Global Media & Communications (USC): if you do not successfully complete four units at LSE, you may be required to compensate for the  failed course(s) by registering for additional courses at USC. 

  • All students must pass MC499 (Dissertation) to be eligible for the award of the MSc degree.
  • All MSc Media and Communications (Research) students must pass MC499 and MC4M2 to be eligible for the award of the MSc degree.

If you have not been successful in obtaining your degree, you will be entitled to re-sit any failed courses on one occasion only. 

The School has an appeals procedure for students who wish to appeal their overall classification.  Full information on this procedure is available on the Appeals webpage.

Re-sitting or Deferring Assessments

General (LSE) information

For full details of the re-entry/re-sitting process, please see web pages on Re-Entry

Specific information for re-sitting and deferring MC courses:

Courses assessed by un/seen examination

If the syllabus of a particular course has changed, a special re-sit examination paper, based on the syllabus you studied, will be set. Re-sit examinations take place each year alongside examinations for current students.

Courses assessed by coursework

Submission date

Students resubmitting coursework for examination in 2020 should do so by the last day of Lent Term, 12:00 noon (UK time) Monday 30 March 2020.

Essay titles

Students should either rewrite the failed piece of work or select another summative essay title from the list of summative coursework questions for courses taught in your year of study.

Submission procedure

Coursework must be submitted online via Moodle before the deadline.  Essay coversheets are available on Moodle.  Instructions on how to format your essay and how to name the file are in the MSc Handbook. You must use a new candidate number in 2020, this can be found on LFY.

Courses assessed by both more than one component

You must re-sit any and all failed components.

MC499 Dissertation

Students resubmitting dissertations should do so by 12:00 noon (UK time) Wednesday 26 August 2020, using the same submission procedure as for coursework (above).  You must use your new candidate number in 2020, which can be found on LFY.

Note that Dissertations must be submitted to Moodle only: 

Students re-sitting or deferring only the MC499 Dissertation are entitled to resubmit by the earlier date of the Monday of the last day of Lent Term, 12:00 noon (UK time) Monday 30 March 2020. If successful, the degree may be awarded in July rather than December.

No formal supervision is available to re-sit (or deferral) students but your former dissertation supervisor will send you brief feedback. In addition, you may contact the Dissertation Officers for advice and guidance. Their details will be posted on Moodle towards the end of the LSE Summer Term.  You may re-submit your existing dissertation with revisions, or you may change the topic and submit a new dissertation. Please note, given that supervision is not available to re-sit or deferral students, most students choose to submit a variation of their original dissertation.

Re-sitting assessments for courses taken outside the Department

For failed courses taken outside the Department of Media and Communications, you must contact the appropriate department for specific information concerning re-sitting.

MSc SSLC Agenda Items

Please submit your agenda items for the Department of Media and Communications SSLC meeting below.

  • You are not limited to six items, if you have more, please complete a second version of the form.
Submit your agenda

Your suggestions

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Reference Requests

If you are a current MSc student or an alumnus of this department and you would like a reference from one of our academic staff, please complete this reference request form and submit it by email. 

Please include as much information as possible as this makes it much easier to write a meaningful reference. You must include all of your courses and all of your coursework and exam results.

Please allow 10 working days for the reference to be written. Let us know if it must arrive by a certain date and if there are any other special requirements (e.g., sealed envelope).

Download the form

Summative Coursework Extension Request

LSE sets strict deadlines for formally assessed summative coursework, including the dissertation. We recognise, however, that students may, in the course of the year, face unforeseen difficulties. We hope that no such difficulties will arise during your studies at LSE.

Please refer to information on summative coursework in the MSc Handbook.

This form is to be used for Media and Communications (MC) courses only. For other courses, please contact the course teacher.

  1. Fill in the form below to request an extension to the deadline for coursework or dissertation. Please ensure you complete your request as early as possible before the deadline.
  2. Extensions are only granted in exceptional circumstances and where there is a good reason, backed by supporting evidence. Any extensions will not usually be for more than one week.
  3. If you are requesting an extension for more than one piece of coursework, you must state each course code.
  4. Your request will be forwarded to the Chair of the Exam Board - you can expect to receive a response within 5 working days, i.e. you will not receive a response when the School is closed.
  5. If you are granted an extension this is usually conditional upon you submitting documentary evidence to support your claim. The Chair will advise (a) the extended submission deadline (b) the documentation required and (c) the date by which the documentation must be received.  If the supporting documentation is not in English, it is your responsibility to supply an official translation, notarised by e.g. a lawyer, or the LSE Language Centre. If you have evidence now (e.g. a medical certificate) you can upload this when submitting the form.  The form and any documentation uploaded with the form, will be sent to the Regulations & Assessments Officer, the Exam Board Chair and the Department Manager only, the forms and documentation will not be sent to your teacher, or to the person marking your coursework, unless the Chair of the Exam Board is your teacher or the person marking the coursework.
  6. Please note if you submit your coursework after the original deadline, this will result in later delivery of written feedback.  In particular it may mean that you receive written feedback after the end of term and therefore you may not have the opportunity to consult your Supervisor for advice. 
Request an extension

Your details

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  • About your extension
  • Important assessment information
    Please visit LSE's page for updated information on summer assessment here:

Request to Change MSc Programme

Exceptionally, students may be permitted to change to a different programme after registration. The Department of Media and Communications requires students to follow Departmental procedure to do so. Please note the following:

  • You must first register for the programme for which you received and accepted an offer. You cannot apply to transfer programmes until you have registered at LSE.
  • All requests for transfer into or within the Department of Media & Communications will be considered after 9.00am UK time on the Monday of MT2, this enables us to make decisions based on the overall numbers of students on each programme.
  • The decision on programme transfers lies with the programme director for each MSc and with the Head of Department in the Department of Media & Communications. The procedure for effecting the change lies with the Student Services Centre.
  • We aim to advise you of our decision by 5.00pm UK time on the Thursday of MT2.
  • Sometimes we can make a decision very quickly, based only on the information you supply in this webform, on other occasions (e.g. if you originally registered with a different Department and so we have not seen your application file) this may take considerably longer.
  • If your request to transfer is successful, you will need to complete the Programme Transfer form in hard copy. We suggest that, in order to save time, you complete the form and deliver it to our MSc Programmes Manager, Nicole Garnier, in room FAW.6.01K before the deadline date.  If your request to transfer is successful, we will obtain the required staff signatures and send the form to the Student Services Centre.  If your request is unsuccessful, we will not process the form.
  • A successful request can take up to eight working days to be processed from the date of confirmation that your request has been successful. During this time you will be able to attend classes, but it is possible that your name may not appear on the class register and some mailing lists may become out of date while we update our records.
  • One of the consequences of choosing to transfer is that from the point when the transfer is completed by the Student Service Centre (which could be up to 30 October), you will be considered as a new student on that programme, i.e. you may be requried to make fresh course choices, re-select your seminar groups and you may lose your priority access to some courses.

Complete and submit the online form below by 9.00am UK time on the Monday of MT2. If you submit the form after this deadline, it may take longer to consider your application, and it is less likely that a transfer will be approved.

Request change of programme

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Media@LSE Knowledge Exchange Internship Programme  

Information about the scheme and how to apply can be found here