Current students

Information, advice and guidance for MSc students in the Department of Media and Communications

Current students should enrol on the Department's Moodle site for information on:

Academic Mentors
Feedback and Consultation Hours for Academic Staff

1) Student handbooks

Please see our dedicated Student Handbooks webpage.

2) Assessment and Extensions

Please see our Assessment & Feedback webpage, which has a link to our Extension Request Form.

3) Communication and comments

We hope that you enjoy your studies in the Department, and that you are pleased with the teaching and other forms of support that you receive. 

However, if you have any suggestions or concerns, we aim to respond to these constructively and address any problems as promptly as possible. Specifically, if you have a concern about your programme or any aspect of the Department's activities, you are invited to raise this with any of the following:

  • the elected student representatives for your programme
    (see Moodle for details)
  • the relevant course teacher (see Moodle for details)
  • your Programme Director
  • the Director of Graduate Studies
  • the Department Manager and/or Deputy Department Manager
  • the Head of Department

In addition, LSE has clear guidance on how you can voice concerns and complaints, both formally and informally. See here for more

Should you decide to express a concern or pursue a complaint outside the Department, we ask that you also inform Department Manager James Deeley so that they are aware of the issue.

4) Reference requests

If you are a current MSc student or an alumnus of this department and you would like a reference from one of our academic staff, please complete this reference request form and submit it by email. 

Please include as much information as possible as this makes it much easier to write a meaningful reference. You must include all of your courses and all of your coursework and exam results.

Please allow 10 working days for the reference to be written. Let us know if it must arrive by a certain date and if there are any other special requirements (e.g., sealed envelope).

Download the form

5) Request to change MSc programme

Exceptionally, students may be permitted to change to a different programme after registration.

  • MSc students on 12-month programmes may request to transfer programmes only during the Michaelmas Term course selection period. Please follow the guidance on the following Programme Transfer webpage. 
  • MSc students on 24-month programmes may request to transfer to another programme during the Michaelmas Term course selection period. However, 24-month MSC students may request to transfer to the MSc Media and Communications (also known as 'Classic Track') at any point during their first year of study. Please follow the guidance on the following Programme Transfer webpage.