Follow the JournalismAI team on the road

A long list of international events joined by the JournalismAI team in 2019 and (mostly online) in 2020.

Check out the available video recordings on the POLIS' YouTube channel.

2021 events

15 September 2021
JamFest: Introducing AI in Newsrooms in Africa
Organised in South Africa by JamLab at Wits Journalism [online]

25 August 2021
FreeSpeak Podcast: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Journalism
Hosted by the Namibia Media Trust [online]

7 July 2021
Thessaloniki International Summer Academy on Media
Organised in Greece by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki [online]

14 June 2021
Global Media Forum 2021
Organised in Germany by Deutsche Welle [online]

11 May 2021
Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Journalism - Will AI take hold of the 4th estate?
Organised by the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union [online]

25 March 2021
Applying AI & Machine learning in Digital Publishing
Organised in Latvia by the Center for Media Studies, Stockholm School of Economics [online]

24 February 2021
Media Revolutions: Artificial intelligence in journalism
Organised by The Fix Media [online]

19 February 2021
Computation + Journalism Symposium
Organised in the US by Northeastern University and the Brown Institute for Media Innovation [online]

2020 events

18 November 2020
Data-SKUP 2020: What you need to know about AI
Organised by SKUP, the Norwegian Foundation for Investigative Reporting [online]

11 November 2020
Data Talks: JournalismAI
Organised by European Data Portal and Support Centre for Data Sharing [online]

5 November 2020
IMPETUS 2020 – Technologies Empowering Journalism
Organised by the Christ Nagar College Trivandrum, India [online]

30 October 2020
The Use of Artificial Intelligence to Debunk Fake News
Organised by the Media and Information Literacy Expert Network [online]

1 October 2020
Pluralism and Responsibility. Media in the Digital Society
Organised by [online]

29 September 2020
Dataharvest – The European Investigative Journalism Conference
Organised by Arena for Journalism in Europe [online]

24 September 2020
Challenges of journalism in the 21st century – AI and Automated Journalism
Organised by the Center of Artificial Intelligence Journalism at Charles University in Prague [online]

17 September 2020
M100 Sanssouci Colloquium 2020
Organised in Germany by Potsdam Media International [online]

14 September 2020
Hvordan forbereder vi medierne på automatiseringen
Organised in Denmrak by Jysk Fynske Medier [online]

1 September 2020
2020 European Conference of Science Journalism
Organised by Science Writers in Italy [online]

9 July 2020
Intelligenza artificiale e giornalismo, accoppiata vincente?
Organised by ANSA, the Italian national news agency [online]

2 July 2020
Newsrewired 2020 Virtual Conference
Organised by [online]

30 June 2020
Machines + Media 2020 Virtual Series
Organised by NYC Media Lab & Bloomberg [online]

2 June 2020
Select Committee on Communications and Digital – The Future of journalism
Organised by the UK House of Lords [online]

5 March 2020
The Changing Face of Media
Organised by the Indian Journalists Association, in London, UK

24 February 2020
AI Invest: emerging trends and opportunities in artificial intelligence
Organised by Hambro Perks, in London.

7 February 2020
iMEdD one year anniversary: 24hour focus on journalism
Organised by iMEdD, in Athens, Greece

2019 events

11 December 2019
The changing face of journalism - how roles and newsrooms are evolving
Organised by Roxhill Media, in London, UK

9 December 2019
L’anniversaire de, le plein d’idées neuves
Organised by, in Paris, France

9 December 2019
The future of long form journalism, #NPDJ 2019
Organised by Sciences Po Journalism School, in Paris, France

18 November 2019
JournalismAI report launch
Organised by JournalismAI in collaboration with Hacks/Hackers London, UK

7 November 2019
Journalistfonden 50 år - seminarium
Organised by Journalistfonden, in Stockholm, Sweden

22 October 2019
Giornalismo Aumentato: il futuro dell'informazione al tempo dell'Intelligenza Artificiale
Organised by ANSA, in Rome, Italy

2 July 2019
FUSE Workshops: Artificial Intelligence
Organised by JournalismAI at the World Conference of Science Journalists, in Lausanne, Switzerland

5 June 2019
ESMH summer school for young journalists “AI and journalism”
Organised by the European Science-Media Hub, in Strasbourg, France

5 April 2019
Google News Initiative: AI in the newsroom
At the International Journalism Festival, in Perugia, Italy