Dr Donya Alinejad

Dr Donya Alinejad

Visiting Fellow

Department of Media and Communications

Dutch, English, Persian
Key Expertise
social media, diaspora, migration

About me

Dr Alinejad's main  interest is in digital platforms and social media, and their everyday usage in contexts of plurality and difference. Dr Alinejad is particularly interested in how platforms mediate emotional facets of experience, including feelings of intimacy, trust, and belonging. Her work has primarily explored these issues in relation to migration, diaspora, transnationalism, and multicultural diversity. 

Dr Alinejad will be working on extending her research on affect and emotion through an investigative review of how contemporary ideologies of race and experiences of racialization rely on changing forms of media and communications technologies. This will build partly on her work on digital media, emotion, and transnational life. Dr Alinejad is  also about to begin a new project on the role of media and digital platforms in shaping people's experiences of trust in scientific expertise in an age of online disinformation campaigns. Dr Alinejad is interested to know more about the emotional and experiential sides of how people's trust in scientific knowledge is built within today's mediascapes, specifically within public debates involving climate science. 

Dr Alinejad will be working with Prof Myria Georgiou during her time at LSE.

Expertise Details

social media; diaspora; migration; race and ethnicity; digital communication; affect and emotion; mediated experience