Professor Alison Harcourt

Professor Alison Harcourt

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Department of Media and Communications

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Key Expertise
Media and communications regulation, Internet governance

About me

Professor Harcourt specialises regulatory change in digital markets and interested in solutions to regulatory problems based around the citizen/consumer and civil society voice. Alison has written on the regulation of traditional and new media markets and internet governance at EU and international levels contributing to the literature on agenda setting, regulatory competition, soft governance, Europeanisation and policy convergence. Her recent research derives from her ESRC project International Professional Fora: a study in civil society participation in internet governance' and Senior Fellowship on the UK in a Changing Europe programme project the impact of a proposed UK Brexit from the UK communications industries.

Originally from Chicago, Alison Harcourt gained a BA (Magna Cum Laude) in Politics and International Relations from Northern Illinois University, before completing an MA in International Political Economy at the University of Warwick (Department of Politics) and a PhD at the University of Manchester (Department of Government). Prior to Exeter, Alison held posts at the University of Warwick, University of Manchester and University of Oxford. She twice received Jean Monnet Fellowships at the European University Institute and has held visiting positions at the Max Planck Institute in Bonn, University of Bordeaux and VIU in Venice. She has acted as consultant for and participated in working groups of the Council of Europe, European Commission, and national governments and is participant to a wide number of political science and communications associations. Alison was a member of REF panel 27, conferred as Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in 2018 and seconded to the Venice International University in 2021 on Exeter's global partnership programme. She is on sabbatical in 2022 while Visiting Professor at the Department of Media and Communications at LSE.

Expertise Details

Media and communications regulation; Internet governance; Press and broadcasting policy


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