Jessica  Fuk-yin Kong

Jessica Fuk-yin Kong

PhD Researcher

Department of Media and Communications

About me

Research topic

Listening to social movements: The role of sound, rationality, culture, emotion and affect in collective identity construction

My project argues that sound in social movements, including and not limiting to the use of music, which comprises shouting, humming, chanting, singing, the making of noise and rhythm, and music broadcasting, is a mediator constructing and sustaining collective identity in collective actions in contentious politics. It is because sound in social movements continuously activates the relationship between the self and the collective, in rational, cultural, affective and emotional ways. Building on this, I want to argue that sound and collective identity in collective actions are not merely culturally, affectively and emotionally based and connected, as proposed by existing literature (Ash, 2012; Auer, 2018). Furthermore, rationality, which is defined as the process of conscious consideration concerning the cost and benefit in relation to the outcome of social movements, is also linked to these entities and contributes to the construction and sustainment of collective identity. In this project, the study of sound acts as a bridge to break the impasses between rationality, culture, affect and emotion as shown in social movement literature.

Supervisors: Professor Bart Cammaerts and Dr Bingchun Meng


Jessica Kong is an academic researcher, pianist, and radio host. She loves music, and has been investigating the role of music in society, for instance, music in protests, mass media and digital media. She received her undergraduate degree and the degree of master of philosophy in communication from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. 

Expertise Details

Sound studies; social movement studies; affect and emotion