Dr Jun Yu

Dr Jun Yu

Guest Teacher and Visiting Fellow

Department of Media and Communications

English, Japanese, Korean
Key Expertise
algorithmic culture, data privacy, platformisation, social theory

About me


Jun Yu’s research agenda focuses on the intersection of datafication, digital platforms, social theory, and digital ethics. Specifically, his current research has two distinct yet interrelated strands: first, examining how algorithms and data practices are increasingly embedded in, thereby reweaving, the larger web of social and ethical relationships of solidarity, reciprocity, and recognition; second, investigating how data technologies – particularly those that track and categorise individuals – pose and institutionalise a threat to privacy. These are explored in a series of current and recently completed projects, such as his PhD thesis on social solidarity and algorithmic communication; the ongoing study of mediated visibility and recognition, and; the project The Price of Connection (with Professor Nick Couldry). 

Jun Yu holds a PhD in Media and Communications from the LSE Department of Media and Communications. Before joining the department in 2015 as a PhD researcher, he was a research officer at the media regulatory body in South Korea, collaborating in a range of projects with the International Telecommunication Union. He holds two Master’s degrees: one in Sociology from the University of Cambridge and the other in Media and Communications from the LSE, and a Bachelor’s degree in Media and Communications from Goldsmiths, University of London. He is currently teaching at the Departments of Management, Media and Communications, and Sociology at the LSE.


  • MC408: Theories and Concepts in Media and Communications I: Key concepts and interdisciplinary approaches 
  • MC499.2B: Dissertation and Study Skills Workshop
  • SO102: Data in Society: Researching Social Life (Department of Sociology) 
  • MG213: Information Systems (Department of Management)

Expertise Details

algorithmic culture; data privacy; platformisation; social theory