0 Dr Roser Pujadas
Dr Roser  Pujadas

Dr Roser Pujadas

Research Fellow

Department of Management

Key Expertise
Digital platforms and digital interfaces; Information infrastructures

About me

Dr Roser Pujadas is a Research Fellow in Information Systems, undertaking research on the organisational, managerial and social implications of digital interfaces, as part of the EPSRC-funded project Interface Reasoning for Interacting Systems (IRIS). This is a relevant area of research as many digital innovations including the Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Platforms and Artificial Intelligence, involve a myriad of systems owned and operated by various companies which become tightly coupled through their interfaces (e.g. APIs and cloud computing); yet little is known about how the organisations involved in such innovations define such digital interfaces, how they evolve, and in particular what organisational or management commitments are embedded within them or how new forms of organisation or technology emerge through their use.

Prior to this position, Roser was an LSE Fellow (2016-2018) in the Department of Management, and conducted research as part of several research projects. She is broadly interested in the social and organisational implications of digital innovation. She has conducted research on the sharing economy, considering the variety of models of economic organisation that digital platforms support, and the ways gig workers navigate and support each other in the sharing economy landscape. She has also conducted research on issues of data governance and privacy, more specifically exploring how and why consumers consent to sharing their personal and financial data with financial apps frequently in an uninformed manner.

Roser holds a PhD in Information Systems (LSE) with a thesis that analysed the politics of knowledge and technology design in interventions aimed at supporting knowledge sharing and collaborative learning. She previously obtained an MSc in New Media, Information and Society from the Media and Communications Department at the LSE, with a dissertation on e-participation.

Roser has various years of teaching experience in the Department of Management at LSE. She has successfully lectured and led seminars in MSc and BSc courses, such as Information Technology and Society, Innovation and Information Systems: Concepts and Perspectives, and Qualitative Analysis in Management. She has also supervised various MSc dissertations in the areas of Information Systems, and Management.


Expertise Details

Digital platforms and digital interfaces; Information infrastructures; Technology and organisational change; Sharing economy; Technology; knowledge; and work practices; Politics of technology design; IT-enabled collaboration.