Eva le Grand

Eva le Grand

PhD candidate in Organisational Behaviour

Department of Management

Key Expertise
Identity, Gender, Poverty, Social Impact, Global South

About me

Eva le Grand studies social identity in relation to career advancement and social value creation in the Global South. Her research explores how individuals of traditionally under-represented social categories pursue their careers and work towards bringing social change.

She is particularly interested in how individuals overcome inequality and social hierarchies in order to attain career rewards and give back to their communities. This includes how they navigate leadership positions, financial compensation and social status. Her research also considers how individuals shape the social structures (e.g., organizations and families) around them in the process of attaining career rewards and giving back to their communities.

The first stream of her research is focused on gender, a category that creates stark hierarchies in the world of work. Eva le Grand's work contributes to existing scholarship by focusing on how women overcome professional barriers to their career creation and ascension. This is further explored in how gender intersects with other identities, such as poverty. Within the second stream of her research, she explores how individual career success translates into the creation of social impact and social value. She is specifically interested in the use of narratives and networks.

Eva le Grand has worked as a social impact consultant, and as a Doctoral Researcher and Summer School Teacher at the LSE Social Innovation Lab. Aside from her academic work in Kenya and India, she has experience in the for-profit, non-profit and government sectors in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Mexico and Brazil. She holds a master’s degree in Management and a double undergraduate degree in Economics and Psychology.

Eva is being supervised by Professor Harry Barkema and Professor Jacqueline Coyle-Shapiro.

Expertise Details

Identity; Gender; Poverty; Social Impact; Global South