Antti  Lyyra

Antti Lyyra

PhD student in Information Systems and Innovation

Department of Management

About me

Antti Lyyra is pursuing a PhD in Information Systems and Innovation at the Department of Management. He received a Master’s degree in Information System Science from Aalto University School of Business in Helsinki and studied a year at ITAM, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México, in Mexico City as a part of the programme.

Antti worked several years in technology and management consulting in technical and leading positions before entering the PhD programme. During his professional career he specialised in large scale enterprise systems, architectures and supply chains in the telecommunications and automotive sectors.

Antti’s current research interest lies in the design and production of social and service robotics and other autonomous systems. Such technologies are expected to change the relation between humans and machines in the coming decades as more and more tasks will be allocated to machines and subjected to mechanical meaning and decision making. The motivation for this work is to extend the existing literature on digital innovation by documenting and theorising emerging forms of digital innovation and their underlying characteristics to allow us to better understand the roots and potential trajectories of our ever-more digitally enhanced lives.

Expertise Details

Social and service robotics; digital innovation; production networks and product development; digital; mechanically maintained relationships

My research