Dr Hugo Vilares

Dr Hugo Vilares

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Department of Management

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NAB 4.23
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Labour economics

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Dr Hugo Vilares is a Fellow in the Department of Management at LSE. Hugo's teaching focuses on Managerial Economics and Strategy in the Department’s Bachelor degree program. Previously, he has taught in courses on Empirical Methods, Microeconomics, Labour Economics and Game Theory.

Hugo is also an economist, having held policy and research positions at the Portuguese Securities and Exchange Commission and at the Bank of Portugal. He is currently also a research assistant at the Centre for Economic Performance. Hugo's current research is focused on understanding the role of labour market institutions in shaping heterogeneous market outcomes and labour market dynamics, resorting to both structural and applied perspectives.

Throughout the years, Hugo has participated in several volunteering projects in Education, Human Rights, Humanitarian Relief and Economics areas. With global medical professionals, Hugo coordinated the operations of emergency relief missions following cyclone Idai in Mozambique (2019), and the wildfires in the centre of Portugal (2017/2018). He also had an operational role in 2018's London Pride.

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Managerial Economics and Strategy Faculty Research Group 

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Labour economics; Labour market institution; Heterogeneous market outcomes; Labour market dynamics

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