Dr Haixia (Helen) Hu

Dr Haixia (Helen) Hu

LSE Fellow

Department of Management

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MAR 5.20
Cantonese, English, Mandarin
Key Expertise
Internationalization, localization, Emerging Markets

About me

Prior to joining the London School of Economics and Political Science, Helen was a Teaching Fellow at the University of Warwick. Before joining the University of Warwick, Helen was a Teaching Fellow at the University of Birmingham, where she also served as a guest lecturer on the 1st UG Digital Business module.

Helen gained teaching experience within the first-year UG Management and MSc IB programme at the University of Birmingham, where she taught various modules, including International Business Strategy, Digital Business Analytics and Strategy, Financial Strategy, Research Methods in International Business, Issues in Management, Principles of Responsible Business, Responsible Business: Theory and Practice, and the International Business Negotiations module in the International Business program.

Helen completed her MSc in International Business from the University of Birmingham in 2017. Following her MSc studies, she earned her PhD in Economic Geography and International Business at the University of Birmingham in 2022. Her PhD title is “Translocal Educational Enterprises and the Internationalization of English Independent Schools.”

The research involved multidisciplinary work grounded in economic geography and international business literature. She employed a qualitative research approach, utilizing semi-structured interviews within the framework of a multiple-case study research design. The analysis was based on 98 semi-structured interviews conducted across English Independent Schools and Translocal Educational Enterprises (TEEs) situated in 11 countries. The research provides a comprehensive evaluation of the costs and benefits associated with various types of international business strategies and business models that govern economic activities and transactions between Emerging Market Multinational Enterprises (EMNEs) in emerging markets and Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) in developed markets.

Helen’s current focus is on publishing papers related to the internationalization of educational enterprises in emerging economy settings and exploring how these emerging organizations leverage assets from organizations in developed market economies.

Helen has 6 years of industry experience working in the Chinese stock market in China. She was a stock market analyst, using fundamental, technical, and quantitative analysis to evaluate the financial stability of a company and assess a company’s potential for growth and profitability.

Helen was twice awarded research funding to support her PhD research. First, she received funding to attend the IISES International Academic Conference in Paris. Second, she received research funding to attend the SIBR 2020 Sydney Conference on Interdisciplinary Business & Economics Research.

Helen was invited to present her paper at the 17th Vaasa International Business Conference where she won the Best Paper Award for the paper titled: “Revisiting Springboarding Reconfigurations: Triple-loop Springboarding Simulacrum Service Enterprises.” She also served as a conference paper reviewer for the 17th Vaasa International Business Conference.

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Organisational Behaviour Research Group 

Expertise Details

Internationalization; localization; Emerging Market Multinational Enterprises (EMNEs); Multinational Enterprises (MNEs); international business strategy; entry modes; business model; not-for-profit organizations; translocal educational enterprises