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Dr Enrico Rossi

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Dr Enrico Rossi is a Fellow in the Information Systems and Innovation Faculty Group in the Department of Management. Enrico’s current work deals with law and economics of digital infrastructures and digital technologies, with a specific focus on the meaning and the role of property and asset ownership, and on its economic, legal and philosophical implications.

More specifically, he is interested in the legal and economic implications of the digital revolution, and in its two main consequences: the transition from a property-based economy towards a service-based economy, and the resulting decoupling between the possession of the underlying material “thing” (assets, devices and infrastructures) and its actual use and control. Both the property-service dichotomy and the possession-use dichotomy reflect the fundamental underlying theme of Enrico’s research: the inquiry on how the ontology of the material world and the concept of value mutually interact, so to derive new implications for the concept of ownership from a philosophical, legal, and economic perspective.  

Although his current work has mainly focussed on the deregulation and privatisation of infrastructures through ownership-service unbundling, sharing and open access, and on its most problematic implications such as neutrality, discrimination and “refusal to deal”, future works will extend the enquiry of the interdependent role of value and physical ontology to those other aspects of the digital economy characterised by the separation of physical possession from use or control, such as: Operating Systems, the sharing and cloud economy, the internet of things and blockchain. 

Enrico has received various awards, such as the best project award from the European Society for New-Institutional Economics (ESNIE) in 2014, and the departmental award for best dissertation from LSE in 2011. Enrico is also a reviewer of various academic journals, such as the Journal of Institutional Economics, and the Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organization.

Before his PhD in Management from the LSE, Enrico obtained an MSc in Management, Organisations and Governance from LSE and an MSc in Industrial Engineering, awarded cum laude, from the University of Bologna. Before moving to London, Enrico also worked as a business consultant for EY, based in Rome. 

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Information Systems and Innovation Faculty Research Group

Expertise Details

Technology management; economics and regulation of infrastructures; open access; un-bundling of infrastructures; law and economics of analogic and digital transmission; technology law; law and economics; property law and property right theory