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We offer a range of options to engage more closely with our students.

The Department of Management at LSE is a world leading centre for education in business and management.

The Department of Management consistently strives to integrate LSE's analytical rigour with practical business and policy relevance. Our research and teaching depends on forging strong and enduring relationships with corporate and social partners, whether through involvement in our management curriculum, collaboration on cutting-edge research, or recruitment of our students and alumni. 

Our goal is to build strong, mutually beneficial partnerships. Our Corporate Relations team works with individual organisations to customise a bespoke engagement strategy to fit your specific needs and goals.


Your engagement in department-led activities will help inspire students and support them in their career thinking and planning; allowing them to develop new skills and gain valuable information about global employment sectors and recruitment processes.

Curriculum Involvement, Guest Lectures, and Networking 

Connect with students through various experiential learning initiatives: panel discussions, workshops and guest lectures  

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Applied Business Projects 

Sponsors gain useful insight from our students’ research. They can also use projects as a way to spot and test talent to cover their future recruiting needs. Finally, sponsors often see their participation as a way of supporting future members of their professional community, LSE, and higher education in general.

We offer several types of applied business projects for companies to sponsor, with different levels of scope, target area, faculty involvement, and student hours. These include:

Gain access to independent research and analysis from students on our MSc Human Resources and Organisations programme on a people-related issue of practical importance to your organisation. Students work on projects in teams of two, producing a final dissertation and business report for sponsors at the end of their academic year. 

Projects start: late January 2021
Projects end: August/September 2021

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Global Master's in Management Business Projects
Students who undertake these projects are currently in their second year of their Global Master's in Management programme. An innovative two-year degree for graduate students, it aims to provide new graduates with the analytical tools and intellectual frameworks to think about management along with the added understanding of the broader political, social and economic environment which contemporary firms operate.

Between four to six students will be assigned to a particular project, with a sponsoring executive from the company and a faculty coach from the LSE to support them along the way.

Projects start: October 2020
Projects end: January 2021

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CEMS MIM Business Projects
CEMS Corporate Partners provide real-life business problems and appoint a contact to support students working in teams of four to six. In return, companies are presented with the results of an extensive study and concrete solutions on the challenge they raised, while having the opportunity of collaborating with emerging talents for potential hiring. CEMS students provide fresh and diverse insights to the raised problems due to their diverse academic and cultural background.

Projects start: January 2021
Projects end: April 2021

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Marketing Action Learning Project
The Marketing Action Learning Project (MALP) provides students the valuable opportunity to analyse and solve a real-world marketing issue within an organisation, bringing together learning across all courses in their Masters programme. Students develop team-working skills and consulting experience, working to produce a marketing report with in-depth insights. This provides the host organisation with recommendations for effective solutions to current marketing challenges within their specific industry or context.

Projects start: February 2021
Projects end: June 2021

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Open Innovation Projects
Open innovation is a fresh take on innovation whereby a firm looks beyond its boundaries to exploit the creative power of users, communities, non- traditional players (non-customers, analogous lead users in other markets, outliers) and customers to co-develop new products, services and processes. During the the last 5 weeks of the course students work on a real live OI project developing solutions via the implementation of one or more open innovation tools. These last five weeks will also involve guidance from our Innovation partners (which in the past included companies like Google, Ludic Group, KPMG, Eidos) and in the final week of the term students will present their final solution.

Projects start: February 2021
Projects end: March 2021

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Thinking about recruiting LSE students for internships or full time positions?

We work closely with LSE Careers who offer a wide range of services to help organisations reach both our current students and recent alumni. These include vacancy boards, targeted emails, presentations, annual networking events, career fairs and more. 

Research Collaboration

LSE’s Corporate Engagement team connects business ideas and challenges with LSE’s expertise and ambitions in research to explore, support and co-create path breaking research. Read more about how the Corporate Engagement team can help create a strategic research collaboration with academics and LSE, and a mutually beneficial partnership aligning business challenges with the Department’s research expertise. 

Becoming a CEMS Corporate or Social Partner

LSE is the only UK member school in the CEMS Alliance, and we are proud that the LSE Global Master's in Management is the only programme in the UK to offer the CEMS Master’s in International Management (CEMS MIM) as a double degree. Through our membership, we already benefit from strong relationships with CEMS Corporate and Social Partners.

Professional services are provided both by the CEMS Corporate Relations Manager, CEMS Head Office (the permanent management and coordination body of the alliance) and the member schools.

The partnership structure enables our Corporate Partners to contribute actively on a variety of fronts within the network: from contributing to the strategic orientation and management of the network and CEMS MIM curriculum delivery, through to recruiting CEMS students, graduates or alumni to their organisations. CEMS Corporate Partnership is perceived as a long-term commitment bringing benefits to the whole CEMS alliance.

Learn more about becoming a CEMS corporate or social partner.


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