Dr Andrew Nyangau, Consultant Neurosurgeon and his team at Consolata Hospital Mathari in Nyeri, Kenya. Photo Credit:  Vanessa Champion, PhotoAid Global (2019) - Courtesy of RCS England

RCS England-LSE Global Surgery Policy Unit

The Global Surgery Policy Unit (GSPU) is a unique and strategic collaboration between the Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCS) and the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Established to advance global public health, surgical and anaesthesia care, with a particular focus on low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), the Unit aims to increase access to safe, affordable, high quality surgery, to improve public health, patient safety and population health outcomes. It will achieve this by:

  • Translating original and existing research and the impact of capacity building programmes into high-level public health policy and advocacy initiatives aimed at influencing decision-makers and donors.

  • Working with underserved communities, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), stakeholders and healthcare workers to empower, inform and improve understanding and practice.

  • Fostering the development of global health leaders, influencers and advocates through the provision of training and mentoring in research, surgical systems strengthening, programme evaluation and health economics

  • Creating opportunities and platforms to encourage sustained exchanges of expertise between clinical experts, policymakers, patients, healthcare workers and researchers in the field of global surgery, public health and anaesthesia policy.

  • Advocating for greater investment in global surgery and anaesthesia as an important driver in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); improved health outcomes and universal health coverage (UHC). 

  • Adopting a multi-sectoral, multidisciplinary approach to its activities and operations by engaging a range of individuals, including academics, clinicians, politicians, lawyers, economists and patients at local, national and international levels

The Unit is hosted by the LSE within LSE Health, Department of Health Policy. 

Engangement activities

SPACES -ECHO 200x200

Launch of the Somaliland Paediatric Access and Clinical Excellence (SPACES)-ECHO programme in Hargeisa, Somaliland.

More than 90 people attended this event, including partners such as the Director General of the Ministry of Health, Amoud University, Population Services International, NGOs, etc. Issues around strengthening Somalilands surgical care system were discussed during the event.

Training Somaliland 200x200

Training in Boroma (Somaliland) with focus on mixed methods evaluation

The Global Surgery Policy Unit held a four day training in Boroma (Somaliland) with focus on mixed methods evaluation. Participants included researchers and faculty members from Amoud University, as well as members of the Ministry of Health.More than 35 participants joined and the training was conducted by Lucy Kanya (qualitative methods) and Rocco Friebel (quantitative methods).

PD@AddisAbeba 200x200

Policy dialogue on surgical task-shifting in Addis Abeba, Ethiopa

A policy dialogue on surgical task-shifting was held in partnership with AHOP, WHO Afro, WHO Ethiopia, and partners from the Ministry of Health in Addis Abeba, Ethiopa. The day-long event included key national and international stakeholders to discuss key regulatory aspects of task-shifting as an approach to grow the surgical workforce. Meskerem Kebede from the Global Surgery Policy Unit was the chair of the event. 

GSPU Launch Event Booklet

Launch Event

The Global Surgery Policy Unit was officially launched on the 27th January 2023 with a public event held in the Great Hall (Marshall building). Information about the event, as well as the video and podcast can be found here.

Read the Launch Event Booklet 




FriebelRocco 200x200

Dr Rocco Friebel
Co-director of the Global Surgery Policy Unit; Deputy Director of LSE Health; Assistant Professor of Health Policy, Department of Health Policy, LSE

COW 2.09


HargestRachel 200x200

Miss Rachel Hargest
Co-Director of the Global Surgery Policy Unit;  Academic Colorectal Surgeon, Cardiff China Medical Research Collaborative



IfeanyichiMartilord 200x200

Dr Martilord Ifeanyichi
Assistant Professorial Research Fellow, Global Surgery Policy Unit - RCS England & LSE

Room COW 1.12


MarksIssy 140x150

Issy Marks
Humanitarian Surgery Research Fellow, Humanitarian Surgery Initiative of RCS England



McKnightGerard 200x200

Gerard McKnight
General Surgery Registrar (ST4); Royal Navy Medical Officer 



KebedeMeskremAleka 200x200

Meskerem Kebede
Research Officer, Global Surgery Policy Unit

COW 1.12


Maeve Bognini_200px

Maeve Bognini
NIHR Pre-Doctoral Fellow

COW 1.12



Mariam Dahir 
In-country Coordinator (Somaliland), Global Surgery Policy Unit




In-country Coordinator (Somaliland), Global Surgery Policy Unit


If you are interested in hearing more about the Unit, please get in touch with us via our mailbox: Lsehealth.Globalsurgery@lse.ac.uk

Banner image: Dr Andrew Nyangau, Consultant Neurosurgeon and his team at Consolata Hospital Mathari in Nyeri, Kenya. Photo Credit: Vanessa Champion, PhotoAid Global (2019) - Courtesy of RCS England