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LLM extension request form


If you are struggling to meet a deadline due to circumstances outside your control, you can request an extension. Please be aware that extensions can only be granted for short periods of time, for example, a few days or a week up to a MAXIMUM of 10 working days. Your circumstances must be sudden, unforeseen, proximate to the assessment(s) in question and you must demonstrate how they have affected your studies. Please also provide dates to indicate proximity. 

Extensions can only be requested for summative essays and the LL4F9 dissertation, and not for assessments with a duration of 24-hours. Applications must be submitted before the relevant assessment deadline.

Before completing this form, please refer to this guidance. If you feel that your performance will still be impacted by your circumstances, even with additional time, you should consider deferring the assessment. Click here for further information on deferral. 

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LLM extension request form

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