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Public International Law


Events 2022/23

9 November 2022 
The Capital Order: How Economists Invented Austerity and Paved the Way to Fascism by Clara Mattei
Speaker: Dr Clara Mattei; Discussants: Professor Robert Wade; Professor Ha-Joon Chang; Dr Paul O’Connell

16 November 2022 
Towards more-than-human rights? From the “living constitution” to the “constitution of the living”
Speaker: Dr Marie-Catherine Petersmann 

1 December 2022 
The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the politics of international law
Speakers: Professor Gerry Simpson; Dr Yusra Suedi; Dr Mona Paulsen; Dr Devika Hovell; Dr Stephen Humphreys

1 December 2022
The climate change turn in human rights
Speaker: Dr Doreen Lustig

 7 December 2022
 “In the name of the Holy Trinity”: Credibility under anarchy through three centuries of treaty-making
Speaker: Professor Krzysztof Pelc 

8 December 2022
Gerry Simpson in Conversation with Ruti Teitel
Speaker: Professor Ruti Teitel

13 February 2022 
A theory of boilerplate in international agreements 
Speaker: Professor Michael Waibel

Forthcoming speakers in Lent Term 2023, details tbc

Dr Sofia Stolk, University of Amsterdam
Dr Isobel Roele, Queen Mary’s
Dr Deval Desai, University of Edinburgh 
Prof Anne van Aaken, University of Hamburg   
Dr Massimo Lando, City University, Hong Kong 
Dr Geoff Gordon, Asser Institute


Dr Chaloka Beyani

Dr Devika Hovell

Dr Stephen Humphreys

Professor Susan Marks

Dr Mona Paulsen

Dr Margot Salomon

Professor Gerry Simpson

Dr Yusra Suedi (LSE Fellow)

Professor Emmanuel Voyiakis

Research Students

Irene Claeys

Parashar Das

Michelle Hughes

Carly A. Krakow

Viknes Muthiah

Mattia Pinto

Bob Roth

Mikolaj Szafrański

Fletch Williams

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