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Medical and Mental Health Law

Medical and Mental Health Law have been taught at the LSE for over 10 years, with a strong research component to the teaching being complemented by a focus on the regulation of healthcare. The law school has particular expertise in the fields of reproductive technologies and embryo research, donor conception and surrogacy, end of life decision-making, regulation of the pharmaceutical industry, medical mishap and the resolution of disputes between healthcare providers and doctors, healthcare rationing, dementia, unfitness to plead and the criminal and civil aspects of mental health law. Research in the law school has a strong interdisciplinary and socio-legal flavour. Members of the faculty have made substantive research contributions to law reform processes in these areas, and routinely sit on expert panels and committees. They have conducted research funded by the Department of Health, health authorities, government commissions and the European Parliament. 


Dr Cressida Auckland

Professor Emily Jackson

Professor Jill Peay

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Mireia Garcés de Marcilla Musté

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