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Legal and Social Theory

Staff at LSE Law School have traditionally approached the law not merely instrumentally but as a distinct area of thought and a social phenomenon. Research in the law school covers foundational questions such as what the law is; whether and how it is connected to other sets of rules or norms; what legal reasoning is and how it works; how the law operates as a means of social integration or social control. Staff also conduct research on the intellectual history of the idea of law as well as the theoretical foundations of various legal fields. Legal philosophy and sociology are taught both on undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


Anne Barron

Professor Hugh Collins

Professor Neil Duxbury

Dr Tatiana Flessas

Dr Stephen Humphreys

Professor Nicola Lacey

Professor Michael Lobban

Professor Martin Loughlin

Dr Richard Martin

Dr Maame Mensa-Bonsu (LSE Fellow)

Dr Kai Möller

Professor Jo Murkens

Dr Josh Pike (LSE Fellow)

Professor Thomas Poole

Dr Peter Ramsay

Dr Nick Sage

Dr Igor Stramignoni

Dr Sarah Trotter

Dr Grégoire Webber

Professor Michael Wilkinson 

Dr Roxana Willis

Postgraduate Students

Shree Agnihotri

Sina Akbari

Stephanie Classmann

Pascual Cortés

Cüneyd Erbay

Deniz Gedik

Priya S. Gupta

Michelle Hughes

Carly A. Krakow

Tanmay Misra

Dimitris Moragiorgas

Leonardo Rivera Mendoza

Bob Roth

Valeria Ruiz


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