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ICT, Media and Communications Regulation

The emerging disciplines of Information Communications and Technology (ICT) Media and Communications Regulation are among the most dynamic and exciting legal developments in recent years. LSE Law is at the leading edge of these fields. We have a team of experts researching a variety of aspects within these subjects ranging from internet governance and regulation, media content regulation, spectrum regulation and net neutrality, electronic commerce, IP rights protection in the digital environment and regulation of internet content through to universal service provisions, network regulation and telecommunications regulation within developing markets.

Recently the ICT, Media and Communications Group have contributed to the Ministry of Justice Consultation on reform of the Libel Laws and have advised a wide variety of media organisations, NGOs and regulatory bodies including the BBC Trust, the Financial Reporting Council, the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office, the Department for Constitutional Affairs, Creative Commons, Amnesty, Article 19 and Backlash. Staff in the ICT, Media and Communications Group have produced or contributed to monographs on libel law, competition in the media sector, internet governance, information technology law and society, risk and regulation, spectrum management and human rights engagement

LSE Law collaborates closely with the Department of Media and Communications, which is a focus for interdisciplinary research within the fields of telecommunications, media and new media. In addition we collaborate with colleagues in a number of related disciplines including the Information Systems and Innovation Group, PolisMedia, BIOS, the Centre for the Analysis of Risk and Regulation and the Sociology, Economics and Government Departments. This inter-disciplinary research group runs a range of seminars for graduate students and draws upon a wide range of speakers from both sides of the regulatory divide to provide contemporary insights into the fast-changing regulatory structures in these subject areas. LLM students are welcome to attend these informal and informative seminars. For further details, see the LSE Information Technology Law web pages at http://theitlawyer.blogspot.co.uk/


Professor Robert Baldwin (Emeritus)
(Regulatory Theory and Regulatory Design)

Anne Barron 
(Copyright and Related Rights)

Professor Conor Gearty
(Civil Liberties including Freedom of Expression and Privacy)

Professor Pablo Ibáñez Colomo
(Freedom of expression and communications regulation)

Dr Orla Lynskey
(data protection, privacy and technology regulation)

Professor Andrew Murray
(Internet Regulation and Information Technology Law; Digital Rights)

Dr Andrew Scott
(Media law and regulation)

Dr Siva Thambisetty 
(Patent Law, Software Patents and Synthetic Biology)  

Dr Valerie Verdoodt (LSE Fellow)
(Children’s rights in the digital environment, IT and Media Law)

Postgraduate Students

MacKenzie Common

Katherine Nolan

Recent publications