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Family Law

The history of the academic study of family law in British universities is very much rooted in LSE Law School, which led the way in introducing the subject – then called ‘the law of domestic relations’ – on the LLB programme after the Second World War. The law school has a strong history of critical and comparative scholarship in the field of family law and the undergraduate course is a lively and popular option among second and third year students.


Dr Sarah Trotter

Recent publications

  • 'Truth and Reality in Family Law', in Stephen Gilmore and Jens Scherpe (eds.), Family Matters – Essays in Honour of John Eekelaar) (Intersentia, 2022)
  • Sarah Trotter, 'The State of Divorce Law' (2019) Cambridge Law Journal 78 (1), 38-41 
  • Fatima Ahdash, ‘The interaction between family law and counter-terrorism: a critical examination of the radicalisation cases in the family courts’ (2018) Child and Family Law Quarterly 30 (4), 389-413
  • Sarah Trotter, ‘The Child in European Human Rights Law’ (2018) Modern Law Review 81(3), 452-479