Mary Stokes


Mary Stokes is a Visiting Professor in Practice at the LSE Law School.  She was in practice at the Chancery Bar for 30 years until her retirement in 2022.  She has been teaching part-time on the LL203 Law of Business Associations course for several years.

Mary practised at Erskine Chambers, the leading company law set in the UK, where she had a broad advisory practice, including insolvency and financial services work.  Mary has experience of various different sorts of applications in the Business and Property Courts and more generally of company/commercial/ insolvency litigation. Most recently, shortly before her retirement, she was involved in some high-profile banking and insurance business transfer schemes.

Prior to joining Erskine Chambers, Mary spent 6 years as a Fellow and Tutor in Law at Brasenose College, Oxford, where she had obtained her BA in Jurisprudence and the BCL (for which she was awarded the Vinerian Scholarship for the top First).  When she was younger Mary also spent some time in the US, doing an LLM at Harvard Law School (with a John F Kennedy scholarship) and then, a few years later, teaching a corporate law course at Boston University Law School, whilst on sabbatical leave from Oxford.

Mary was a contributor to Buckley on the Companies Acts and has assisted with the online company law service From Counsel.  She was also assistant editor of Butterworths Company Law cases.