Fatima Ahdash

Fatima Ahdash

PhD Student in Law

Department of Law

Arabic, English
Key Expertise
Terrorism and national security; family law

About me

Thesis title

'Examining the Recent Interaction Between Family Law and Counter-Terrorism'


Professor Conor Gearty, Professor Emily Jackson and Dr Peter Ramsay

Research interests

terrorism and national security, family law, feminist legal theory, human rights and legal and social theory and the MENA region

Fatima Ahdash studied both the LLB and the LLM (in Human Rights Law) at the LSE. She has worked for a number of human rights organisations and law-firms as a research fellow. Fatima is also currently a consultant with Rights Watch UK, an organisation that seeks to hold the government accountable within the context of national security, researching the gendered nature and impacts of counter-terrorism law, policy and practice.


'Childhood radicalisation and parental extremism: how should family law respond? Insights from A Local Authority v X, Y and Z' in Asian Yearbook of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. (In Press); also available via LSE Law Working Paper Series 8/2019

What could happen to Shamima Begum's child? A Family law perspective LSE Religion and Global Society blog (18 February 2019)

'Should the law facilitate the removal of the children of terrorists and extremists from their care?' LSE British Politics and Policy blog (9 March 2018)

'The interaction between family law and counter-terrorism: a critical examination of the radicalisation cases in the family courts' (2018) 30 CFLQ 389.