Benjamin Goh

PhD Student

LSE Law School

English, French, German
Key Expertise
law and literature; authorship and copyright

About me

Thesis Title

'The Literary Unconscious: Rereading Authorship and Copyright with Kant’s On the Wrongfulness of Reprinting (1785)'


Professor Alain Pottage and Dr Stephen Humphreys

Research Interests

law and literature; authorship and copyright; critical legal theory; literary and media studies

Benjamin Goh holds degrees in law and literature from the University of Kent and the National University of Singapore. He is presently working in the history of authorship and copyright. His doctoral thesis is on Kant and authorship in the German Enlightenment. 

Selected Publications

‘Two Ways of Looking at a Printed Book’ (2022) 85(3) Modern Law Review 697–725

‘Book Review: Thomas Vesting, Legal Theory and the Media of Law (2018)’ (2021) 48(2) Journal of Law and Society 278–282

‘Biomedia: Life in Smithereens’ (2020) 2(1) Law, Technology and Humans 124–134